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Brighton Journal | 7th April 2020

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Brighton Beach To Become Set of New Interactive Play

Brighton Beach To Become Set of New Interactive Play
Hannah Midgley

A daring new play entitled Once Upon A Time On Something Street is due to turn Brighton Beach’s Madeira Drive into an interactive set with a story that unfolds through different time periods.

The play from Whizz Bang Productions will centre around a fictional street in view of Brighton’s famous Palace Pier and will see members of the audience find out the secrets of the Stammers family inside certain houses.

Audiences will be able to question the characters during the fully immersive experience, and even find themselves as part of the story.

The story will span across disparate eras like the war-scorched 40s, the swinging 60s, and the celebration of the new millennium.

Something Street’s synopsis says each character has “a story to tell but you’ll soon realise their stories are woven into the patchwork of the street as you begin to unpick the threads connecting them through time.”

Here’s a tiny taste:

During the after show, both ticket holders and the public will be able to enjoy a diverse food court along with the sea view.

Performances of ‘Once Upon A Time On Something Street’ are from June 1st, from Tuesday to Sunday at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. On Friday there will be an additional performance at 6pm and on Saturday and Sunday, matinee performances at 1pm and 2pm will also be available. The production will then be heading off to Bristol, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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  1. jack

    This looks amazing I can’t wait until it opens. Defiantly going to buy tickets!!

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