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Brighton Journal | 24th February 2020

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Brighton & Hove Summer Book Fayre 2019

Brighton Book Fayre
Hannah Midgley

Do you like books? Do you like free events based in and around the Brighton area? Do you like meeting the people behind those books and events? Who are we kidding, of course you do!

Organised by local authors P.J. Blakey-Novis, his wife Leanne, and Richard Gough-Buijs, Brighton & Hove Book Fayre aims to connect readers and authors of all walks of life and celebrate the written word. A whole host of traditionally and independently published authors will be in attendance, spanning every genre from non-fiction to supernatural.

The idea came from a simple gap in the market, the trio explained further to Brighton Journal. “There are quite a few writers living in the Brighton area, and after some research it turned out there was no Brighton and Hove Book Fayre. That’s how the idea was born.”

Thanks to their hard work, now there is, and after a hugely successful 2018, the Brighton & Hove Book Fayre returns for its third event. So far they have confirmed four authors, including two Brighton-based psychological horror writers Corinna Edwards-Colledge and Shani Struthers.

If you like interesting characters with twists of mythology, blurring the lines between fact and fiction, a couple of fortune tellers and a healthy dose of the occult, you’ll enjoy both of these authors, and should check out their published work. Or, you know, wait until the Book Fayre and ask them about it in person.

Fear not, this is a family-friendly affair. If you want to keep your children (or yourself) away from the thrillers, there are promised to be books suitable for any age, and with no entry fee it’s hard to turn down.

Brighton Book Fayre
A previous Brighton and Hove Book Fayre

The organisers explain that previous years’ events have gone down a storm with authors and audiences alike; “the feedback has been really good. So much so that we have filled half of the tables for our events in June and November this year within days of making the announcement. It’s a ‘feel-good’ event! The book events are a great opportunity for both authors and their readers to speak to each other. But also for authors to connect with other authors and share their experiences.”

This year’s instalment of the Brighton & Hove Book Fayre is taking place on Saturday 8th June at the Brighton Unitarian Church. If you’re interested in attending, be sure to check out their Facebook page to keep yourself in the loop, and if you, unfortunately, can’t you won’t have to wait long – the next fayre is in November, and the authors in charge have big plans.

“We hope the Book Fayres will attract more and more visitors each year to find books they normally don’t find on the shelves in the bookstores from local, self-published authors. We hope it will grow into a well-known event amongst readers in the South East.”

So mark the date on your calendar, and be prepared for all things paper – whatever your favourite genre is or whoever your favourite author is, you’ll have ample opportunities to browse, read, talk, and celebrate with likeminded bookworms.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll see you there!

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