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Brighton Journal | 28th January 2020

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Brighton Recycling Petition says it’s “time to stop being a rubbish city”

Brighton Recycling Petition says it’s “time to stop being a rubbish city”
Hannah Midgley

In light of recent events including fly-tipping, tonnes of rubbish left on the beach and failed bin collections, residents of Brighton and Hove are demanding change.


 Hanover resident Tea Meneghetti decided it was time for action.


Sharing the disgruntled views of many Brighton & Hove residents, Tea was so fed up with the lack of recycling opportunities in the city that she decided to start a petition. In collaboration with friends, and sustainability project Hanover Action, the petition now has over 3’000 signatures.


The number of signatures is double the amount required to force the council to discuss the matter. Therefore, a full council meeting is to be held on Thursday 18th October at 4pm at Hove Town Hall.


The Petition calls for the council to:

  • Collect Food waste
  • Encourage people to recycle by collecting it more frequently
  • Recycle more plastics
  • Provide more information about how to recycle and promote recycling


Brighton residents Tea and Ali supporting the recycling campaign





It is without doubt that Brighton is doing a lot to combat the issue of plastic waste and promote sustainability. After joining Brighton refill scheme last year, the city has joined a revolution to stop people using single use plastic bottles, with over 200 free refill points installed across the city.


But for Tea, this simply isn’t enough. She commented “When people mover here or visit they are shocked by how limited the recycling is here. We are encouraged that when our petition is debated, the greens said they will put amendment supporting food waste collection, wider collection of plastic and more frequent collections. We ask that the other parties support this too.”


Ian MacIntyre Chair of Hanover Action adds ” Many councils nowadays collect food waste, and make recycling easier than waste by collecting recycling more often, Brighton and Hove is getting left behind and given scientists dire environmental warnings, the council needs to do all it can to reduce waste and increase recycling as a matter of urgency”.


Featured image provided by Dominic Alves.

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