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| November 18, 2018

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Brighton Science Festival! February 10th – 18th

Brighton Science Festival! February 10th – 18th
Peggy Bain
  • On February 8, 2018

The Brighton Science festival is an eight day extravaganza of whizz-banging, jaw-dropping, bubbling, fizzing events to get the whole family inspired!

The festival’s main event, ‘Bright Sparks’, takes place this weekend, at Hove Park School, from 10am-5pm. Expect a whole weekend of hands-on science fun, with a range of intriguing activities for kids and their guardians. The event will feature over 50 stalls, stands and shows across the two day period, with presenters and science communicators present to help you get involved and explain the more difficult ‘sciencey’ bits.

Featured image by goddard studio 13

The organisers stress that even if you’ve attended the event before, you won’t regret returning, as there is more new stuff than ever this year. The exciting new exhibits include ultrasound objects made of thin air, robots that react to light and telescopes that let you look at the sun. You’ll see earthworms and snakes, handle kitchen chemicals, not to mention hearing scientific poetry. You’ll build brains, train snails and make Minecraft mods. Venture into the world of science this weekend and learn something while you’re having fun!

  • Tickets: £6 per person
  • Special family deal: 2 adults, 2 children for £21
  • FREE for under 7s
  • FREE for Compass or Carers’ Card holders (card required)
  • Available online or on the door, but advanced booking recommended

Featured image by BRICK 101

This weekend is only the beginning of a huge range of events that promise something for everyone. Next Saturday 17th February ‘White Heat’ is an 11+ event that featured games, talks, discussions and workshops. There will be shocking illusions from the Sackler Centre’s exhibition Being SomeBody, intriguing talks on consciousness and why swearing can be good for you, and crackling debates on relevant topics with Talkaoke and Stand-up philosophy. It’s advised participants leave at least 2 hours to get the most from this fun-filled day out.

You can find the entire lineup of events and more information about the festival here. 

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