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| November 16, 2018

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Happy And Gorgeous @Coalition

Happy And Gorgeous @Coalition
Hannah Molnar

I found myself at the Seafront Wednesday 16th November and took some funny shots of some happy happy people at the fab coalition club! Look at their lovely faces…


These funny guys went to very big lengths to communicate that in their alcoholised state they thought i was the best state for taking a photo of them. We love enthusiasm!


I found these girls dancing their socks off on the dance floor!


Two lovely gentlemen enjoying yet another pint of beer!


The guys on the right side for all I know were simply photobombing the girls photo! Who knows, they might have known each other but what fabulous drunk faces they do have!


Saucy Ramida and Luke looking very serious!


And BAM the seriousness is out the door and we have an explosion of emotion! One of them (I think you’ll be able to figure that one out) was absolutely smashed and was feeling very touchy feely… Another one of them is looking slightly confused….


More magical explosions of emotions! There is so much to say about this photo but i’ll leave it up to interpretation.. Hahaha


Pretty pretty girls! The guy in the back has a great watch, wouldn’t you agree?


Pretty pretty people, smiles all round!


I actually managed to get the names off of these gentlemen! We have a Mario Medinia, Luca Giacomoni, Bruno Magnasco and Adrian Sirvent! If these names are incorrect, my deepest apologies but you are all responsible for your drunken texting capacities!


More pretty people! Not sure what that hand at the front was going for, maybe trying to nick her friends drink for a cheeky sip.


Looooooooking happy! What beautiful hair on the left!


Happy barman = happy everyone!


I wish i could remember if the gentlemen in the back was just a first class photo-bomber or one of the group. Some great mysteries remain as such…

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