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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Brighton Street Fashion – BECAUSE IT NEVER GETS BORING!

Brighton Street Fashion – BECAUSE IT NEVER GETS BORING!
Hannah Midgley

Yet another look into what magical pieces of fabric are being used to cloth the lovelies of Brighton. Careful! If you catch me in the street and you look fabulous, I’ll be running after you too! WOOP WOOP to Brighton’s freedom of expression! So many people are telling me that coming from different places, what they end up loving so much about here is that they can dress to please themselves, there’s a sort of nonconformism that’s special about this town. Such an alternative range of styles, you’re celebrated here the more divergent you are!


Javi, 30 is working as a nurse here in Brighton. He was in a hurry when i caught him, on his way to his shift so I didn’t get any more information out of him. Just that he loves it here because there are so many things to do and people are so friendly. Cool glasses Javi!


Rosanna, 26 from London was attending her sister’s graduation at the Brighton Dome, sporting an all ASOS outfit! She loves Brighton “it’s relaxing, nice to be by the sea!”


Tamsin, 17 is Rosanna’s little sister and so was in Brighton for the graduation too! Her jeans are from Topshop, her top and £60 coat are from Zara and she’s wearing a Boohoo leather jacket between the two. Well rapped up! Tamsin is still passing her A levels at the moment but has plans to go off to Uni and study sociology!


Poppy, 28 works at Art Republic and loves Brighton for it’s “alternative scene, music and art”. Her £10 elegant bold red coat is from the market behind Kensington Gardens. And her sweet little £20 black dress is from Beyond Retro.


Rhian, 23, originally from Scotland has been a make up artist for the past 6 years and has lived in Brighton for the past 2 years currently working at the Lipstick & Gunpowder salon. She loves Brighton for it’s “laid-back” vibe. Her £2 hat is from Primark, her shoes are from Newlook her £10 jeans are H&M’s. And her lovely red and navy checkered coat is from Miss Selfridge, which she got as a gift. Rhian’s wild colourful hair “I don’t want to be boring” is done by her bestfriend George, 23 sitting next to her, a hairstylist and colour technician working at the same salon. “I love creating a vision and helping someone become them self.” His scarf and dress were each bagged for £1 from a charity shop, his jacket was given to him from a friend up in Kemptown and his shoes are from Newlook! “Cheep and cheerful.”

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