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Brighton Journal | 7th April 2020

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Brighton Street Fashion – What Are We Wearing Today?

Brighton Street Fashion – What Are We Wearing Today?
Hannah Midgley

Check out these looks spotted in the Brighton streets!


This is Lauren, 27, from London and I met her during a typical “tourist day” with shopping and visiting the sights of Brighton. Today, she wears clothes from her favorite store called Illustrated People. She likes Brighton because it’s not far from London and it seems like Holiday when she visits the city. “I really like the seagulls at the seafront!” she said to me.

Lauren’s message to the world: “Eat more carbs”.


I met Jen, 24, also from London with her friend Lauren in the North Laine. She often gets her clothes from her favorite shop called Lazy Oaf. “I like Brighton because it’s chill and you can be yourself and nobody judges you for who you are”, she said to me.

Jen’s message to the world: “Express yourself”.



I met Rebecca, 23, from Burgess Hill in the North Street. She does a lot of online shopping on her favorite online platform EMP but also likes going shopping at Topshop. She loves the atmosphere and the nice shops in Brighton. “The city is good for shopping”, she said to me.


IMG_3584I met Beatriss, 23, in the North Laine. She came from Greece but moved to Brighton 1 1/2 years ago. “I moved here because I love the city. It’s so creative and the people are very open-minded. You can be yourself”, she said to me. She often buys her clothes online on eBay or in the shops in the North Laine.

Beatriss’s worldly wisdom: “Be true to yourself and never forget to be human”.



This is Sophie, 22, from Brighton. She often gets her clothes from charity- and vintage shops from the North Laine. “I don’t have a specific favorite one, I go shopping in different shops”, she said to me. She loves the creativity and that everyone can be themselves in Brighton.

Sophie’s message to the world: “express yourself and don’t worry about people judging you”.

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