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Brighton Journal | 23rd January 2020

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Brighton Street Style: North Laine edition

Brighton Street Style: North Laine edition
Elizabeth Richardson

Brighton Journal took to the North Laine this sunny afternoon on a mission to find Brighton’s most fashionable. Full of vintage shops, the North Laine is renowned for being a street style hotspot, and it didn’t let us down. Brighton has once again proven that it’s the capital of style.


Gabriel said he was out on the town for a shop now that his bank balance is looking a little kinder. He said he always dresses for purpose, and that was exactly what was on his mind when he put together his outfit today. Gabriel always carries around everything he needs in his pouch, calling it “an extension of himself”. His style inspiration? His dad. Gabriel says his dad was in the army, and taught him how to dress resourcefully growing up. Effortlessly cool.



Karin works in publishing and was down from London today to attend a meeting. Her style inspirations vary from old school rock stars to updated Victorian-inspired threads. As a big fan of Victorian blouses, Karin has a keen eye for “Jane Austen-esque” finds. Her more musical style icons include Bowie and Cher on “wilder days.” Her outfit today was an undeniable mix of Austen and rock star, as she paired a ruffled blouse with bold leopard printed jeans. Her bag is a nod to her younger grunge days, and she says she’s a sucker for a band tee. Aren’t we all?



Luke had set off on a mission from Seaford this morning, searching for something to match the green trimmings on his new trainers. He says though he doesn’t have any particular style icons, black is always a staple of his wardrobe. He admits that he just “throws on whatever works,” often opting for a nod towards skater-style threads. His Kappa bag is his must-have. We wish Luke the best of luck in finding what he’s after, no doubt Brighton is the best place to find that hidden gem.



Brighton Journal caught Mazz on her way to an afternoon of charity shopping. She says charity shops and car boots are her fashion go-tos. Not only are they a fantastically sustainable way to shop, but she recommends them to anyone who’s on a budget. Mazz says her style icons are her friends, who all dress incredibly colourfully. She always dresses as colourfully as she can, and today was no exception. Apart from that, wearing light fabrics in today’s summer sun was definitely on her mind. Best thing about her vibrant ensemble? Mazz made her earrings herself. Love that.



We caught Ben from “To be Worn Again” absolutely rocking a patterned knit vest and flat cap like no one else can. He says he takes style inspiration from anything and everything, and that if he had to name a style icon it would be Eddie Murphy. His must-see accessory was an old quarter-turned-ring. On the coin’s surface is a skull that he said was carved into it by a prisoner. Sorry folks, that’s truly a one of a kind item.

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