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Brighton Journal | June 24, 2019

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Brighton Streetwear Style – The trends behind it.

Hannah Midgley

In this week’s issue of Brighton Streetwear Style, I wanted to incorporate the why behind these different looks, and what you can do to make your looks stand out, and get with the current trends.

The vintage vibes, especially that of the 80s and 90s, have officially stormed their presence into current streetwear fashion, and it’s particularly obvious from the looks we gathered the other day, in the Laines. The abundance of vintage retailers and charity shops continue to inspire the fashion of the moment, notably that of chunky ‘Dad’ trainers, fur/knit coats and jackets, lots of denim, Dr Martens and corduroy (everything).

With the weather being its usual unpredictable self (classic British, all the seasons in a day), big coats and layers are differently still here to stay for a while longer. Sheepskin/suede coats (mostly faux) are making a prominent come-back from the 80’s, and are regular and present in most shop’s winter collections – not excluding the infamous ‘Teddy Bear’ coat that is proving very popular on the high street too. Both coats are arguably the centerpieces for these two looks below, and are complemented by; iconic trainers, denim, corduroy and Dr Martens boots.

I think another aspect of the current vintage trends of now is arguably all in the details. The classic 70s/80s circle metal zippers on a high-neck, cropped sleeved fitted top, just screams ‘VINTAGE INSPIRED!’ and this type of detailing is everywhere highstreet at the moment. Another detail about vintage 80s fashion is the colour palette; warm, earthy tones are visible everywhere and complement the washed-out black denim and cool blue corduroy jacket.

Despite the clear 70s and 80s vibes, there are connections with modern style references too. For the example the high-waisted – curve emphasizing – jean style trend, and the incorporation of Vans shoe, a classic brand which can only be associated with today.

Another major trend that has been proving the test of time is the classic flowy ‘culotte’ style trousers. Mostly seen in womenswear (above), the 70s choice of fabric – more flowy, with references to linen and pure cotton (hippie vibes?) Its persistent and seen everywhere at the moment. Paired with the current, a rather modern trend, of over-sized garments; these flowy trousers, chunky trainers, and oversized jumper – represents a huge style trend of now.

Recently, second-hand or faux fur coats have been breaking into regual winter style – especially dyed in bright colours. Such as the deep pink shade here and the ‘old-school’ leather jacket cut, this jacket is the centerpiece to bring any outfit ‘out of the old and into the new’.

Another common and interesting style option, that vintage and charity shops inspire, is a more chilled 80s vibe. It offers (John Lennon inspired) circular glasses, paired with wool/textiles, and earthy shades – such as burnt orange and dark green, along with big overcoats and denim. This is an emerging trend, that perhaps is regular here in Brighton, and is, therefore, kudos to the great vintage shops here, and definitely, one to catch onto.

Something which is more than just a current trend, and is major here in Brighton but is an inspiration for major designers; such as Alessandro Michele at Gucci, is the notion of androgyny. Where women have had the ‘playsuit’, the idea of the men having their own form of that is interesting. Along with not typically masculine colour palette, but also the attention to modern trends; the chunky hoody, and trainers, makes the outfit look very well thought out, and in my opinion really great.

The look below, whether intentionally or not, I think shows a little bit of the bigger picture of gender in fashion, and makes us wonder where it will go next.

Colours and how they are combined is another major aspect of fashion, and what makes up trends. At the moment, in modern style and not only on the high street, but also in high fashion, is the use of bold, contrasting colours. Here the use of chunky fabrics and contrasting colours of red, green and blue, really makes the outfit stand out, and the blue of jeans sing. The combination of textures and fabrics also works for the outfit too, mixing modern fabric and colour with an iconic shape.

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