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| November 20, 2018

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Brighton’s Fabrica Gallery Bathed In Coloured Light!

Brighton’s Fabrica Gallery Bathed In Coloured Light!
Laura Bohrer
  • On July 7, 2017

From tomorrow until the end of August, Brighton’s centre for contemporary art, the Fabrica Gallery, will be hosting a new exhibition by Peter Hudson. Supported by Project Art Works, the artist has designed a site-specific light installation entitled “In Colour”.

Designed for the Fabrica Gallery, the installation aims to especially appeal to people that are highly sensitive to stimulating factors in their environment and explores how our behaviour is influenced by our surroundings. Meant to be an immersive piece of art, the installation will get visitors to interact with each other on a non-verbal level and reflect on communication and consciousness.

Coming from a music background and only having finished a Master’s Degree in Design Interactions last year, Peter Hudson has designed three installations so far, indoor as well as outdoor. To create “In Colour”, the artist has worked with a number of neurodiverse artists and makers at the Project Art Works studios in Hastings.

Project Art Works Director Kate Adams said about the exhibition: “The absence of visibility and relevance in cultural content reflects the marginalization of certain communities in society. This unique commission seeks to involve people as makers and collaborators in ways that address cultural and attitudinal barriers to diversity in mainstream culture.”

The exhibition will be running from Saturday, July 8, until Monday, August 28, at Fabrica, 40 Duke Street, Brighton. The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 5 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm on Sundays.

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