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Brighton Journal | September 22, 2019

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Celebrate Sustainable Cocao With Brighton’s First Free to Enter Chocolate Festival

Celebrate Sustainable Cocao With Brighton’s First Free to Enter Chocolate Festival
Hannah Midgley

Attention all chocoholics! Brighton’s first ever, free to enter, chocolate festival is headed to town this October. Those of you with a sweet tooth (or those who prefer a bitter treat) can come together to celebrate what is easily one of the world’s favourite foods with an amazing weekend long event, brought to you by Discover Cacoa.


The Brighton Chocolate Festival, held in order to help celebrate Chocolate Week 2018, will highlight the best of the country’s chocolatiers, with divine chocolate, available for guests to buy, sourced from across the across the globe, with the mission of promoting ethical production as well sustainability and traceability of produce.


With a commitment to education through fun, Discover Cacao have put Brighton Chocolate Festival on as a completely free event, in order to maintain a focus on product over profit – something they want to promote within the chocolate industry itself.


Visitors can expect a whole host of chocolate related delights, such as delicious samples (including dairy and gluten free options!), exhibits from local chocolatiers and educational talks from experts of the sustainable side of cocao farming and how a small industry is trying to support ethical trading of cocao beans.

The event will feature delicious chocolate samples for visitors


Speaking to Brighton Journal, the organiser of Brighton Chocolate Festival, Sue Sheen explained why she believes the people of Brighton will resonate so strongly with an event intended to promote sustainability and small producers:

“Brighton is full of people who care; people who care about where their purchases come from, what they are putting in or on their bodies, and people who have an ethical approach to these products and who want to discover ways to still enjoy treats like chocolate but without it causing a lifestyle expense to anyone along the way.”


Sue also told us how important it is that we try to purchase from chocolatiers who know their product inside out, not just in order to support sustainable producers but also for our own enjoyment. She explained that “with chocolate, like bad coffee, if the beans are poor quality and processed badly you will get less favourable flavours.” 


Brighton Chocolate Festival will take place on 13th & 14th October at Hilton Brighton Metropole, 11am – 5pm, free entry. For more information see website.

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