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Brighton Journal | September 22, 2019

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Brighton’s New LGBT+ TV Channel Needs You

Latest LGBT+
Hannah Midgley

A new LGBT+ TV channel is asking the public for cash to help it launch in Brighton and Hove.

Beginning in February 2017 Latest LGBT+, which bills itself as the UK’s first terrestrial LGBT TV channel, will be bringing LGBT news and entertainment to viewers across Sussex.

Initially broadcasting for an hour a day on Freeview and Virgin Media, the station hopes to expand in the future.

They are asking the public for £25,000 via crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

A spokesperson for Latest LGBT+ said: The world is changing, and not always for the better, throughout the world there is an ever increasing wave of bigotry and prejudice, barely a week goes by without some kind of misleading, negative story.

“We’re different to a lot of the LGBT coverage that you’ll see on other broadcasters, being members of the community our programming will never be voyeuristic, exploitative or sensationalist.

“Our core concepts are ones that inform all of our content decisions in that everything we show should entertain, educate or inspire our viewers, and if it does all three at the same time that’s even better.

“And being a small organisation we listen to you, our viewers, giving us the advantage of being community led and allowing us the opportunity to give a voice to those that are often denied one.”

Latest TV launched in 2014 and in in June 2016 hired Sophie Cook, Europe’s first openly transgender newscaster.

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