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| May 20, 2019

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Brighton’s Pride: Exactly What The Country Needs

Brighton’s Pride: Exactly What The Country Needs
Tom Bull
  • On July 13, 2016

Great Britain has had an absolutely bizarre few weeks. 

In the last month there has been turmoil, laughter, tears and one gigantic decision to come out of the EU. What we have experienced in the last three weeks will be so breathtakingly life-changing for Britain – and some of the most peculiar scenes that British politics will ever see.

The last few weeks have completely split the nation. Leavers and Remainers are split further still into their own fractions. Labour are split into pro Corbyn/Anti-Corbyn, Conservative have their own debacle with Pro May/Anti May. Pro the world, Anti the world. I’m not sure the country has ever been this divided, nor will it be again. Hate crimes are reportedly on the increase as a result of the referendum – nobody seems to like each other.

With that in mind – Brighton’s upcoming Pride could be the perfect place to forget about everything  dividing us and celebrate unity. Celebrate the differences, the cultures and the lifestyles that make up Brighton’s preposterously rich tapestry. The sheer scale of Brighton’s celebration should show that maybe, just maybe, Britain isn’t entirely falling apart. Maybe there is still some pride left.

Brighton’s Pride has been the benchmark of celebration of diversity for many years. Dating back over two decades, Pride has shown the rest of the country just what Brighton is about in terms of promoting diversity and educating those who fail to see the obvious. A massive celebration for the LGBT community,one that wholeheartedly encourages participation is vital at this time of absolute uncertainty in Britain; one thing we can fall back on is the knowledge that we still have pride in our citizens. A faint glimmer of continuity comes in the form of the 25 year old festival, showcasing the fact that the world isn’t falling apart.


Photo by Robby Dee on Flickr

It’s bizarre in itself, the parade, but it’s absurdity and it’s outlandish in your face reputation is exactly what the country needs. The chance not simply to show, but to celebrate – to involve- the country and promote equality simply by having a party. There’s nothing more to it than that. The country is divided, and just for the day it can be together.

We can all forget about what has happened in the last few weeks, the issues that have divided us. Of course, they won’t go away overnight but Pride gives us the chance to celebrate how far we have come, to promote diversity and equality at a time where that sort of positivity is more needed than ever. Working to eliminate discrimination towards the LGBT community is undoubtedly a huge and vital mission for Pride as an organisation – but it’s party is what we need to show the world that at least in Brighton, we stand as one.

Pride festival

The festival is taking place at Preston Park this year

The celebration attracts worldwide stars to the seaside to take part in promoting equality for LGBT, including the Pride Festival with acts such as Carly Rae Jepsen and Sister Sledge performing. Between the parade, the after parties and the festivals Brighton’s Pride is a huge event in the LGBT community, and an amazing reflection of the diversity that that community holds. It is uniting – it is strength.

And, in light of the recent times, that doesn’t sound so bad.


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