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| December 15, 2018

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Brighton Street Fashion

Brighton Street Fashion

Brighton is renowned for its uniquely fashionable individuals and despite the very cold weather, its fashion scene is still yet to disappoint. The Street Style edit will be a regular feature of Bjournal focussing on the original street style of local Brighton people discussing their style influences, shopping habits and other fashion secrets they choose to reveal.DSC_0487Liam is thoroughly rocking that 60’s/70’s style. Having worked at ‘Beyond Retro‘ for the past couple of years, the majority of his outfit comes from there. Liam’s shoes however are from ‘Ebay’ as he says it can be difficult to find quality second hand shoes. Liam prefers to dress smart but savvy and usually never spends more than £20 on a pair of trousers.

DSC_0448David is wrapped up warm but still looking effortlessly cool. David gets his fashion inspiration from vintage clothing. The majority of his outfit is from a variety of vintage shops, however his jeans are brand new from Levis. Kudos on the beard David, it is very impressive!

DSC_0494Eden is proving that double denim can be pulled off when it is worn right. Eden’s skirt is from Topshop and cost her £29 , her shirt is vintage and from Dirty Harry in the North Laines. Eden also works at Dirty Harry which compliments her clothing taste which is also influenced by vintage fashion.

DSC_0450Olly is looking very trendy. Olly’s camera is not just for show as he is a fan of photography and runs the ‘Mr Snap‘ stall in the North Laines. Olly’s style influence is ‘just what he likes’, however he is particularly enamoured with his brand new burgundy Doc Martens which are the Capper range purposely designed for the 40’s/50’s collection and costing £125. You can find Mr Snap on twitter @MrSnapUK.DSC_0515Jess is braving the cold and colour clashing correctly in our opinion. Jess’ style is very unique and does not follow a particular trend. However, her fashion inspirations are influenced by various movie star icons such as Brigitte Bardot. Jess’ skirt is from Beyond Retro as is the majority of her clothing.  She also works there too! Her jacket however is from Urban Outfitters which is also one of her favourite shops. barber

Jack is looking very cosy on his way to work. Jack is influenced by a variety of fashion periods such as the 80’s, 90’s. He also loves the ‘Mod’ style and oversized clothing. Jack’s fur coat is from Depop, an app used for the buying and selling of clothes. His jeans are from Topshop as he is a fan of the super skinny look and his scarf is from Urban Outfitters. Jack enjoys restyling his clothes by cutting or dyeing them, good job he works as a hairdresser!


Unfortunately, we were unable to get this gentleman’s name. However, as a successful photo bomber who also wanted to be featured in the street style edit we decided to comply with his wishes due to his hard work and effort. Outfit details are unknown but we especially like the way he has matched his shorts with his hat.

Kamilah McInnis

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