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Brighton Journal | September 22, 2019

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Can You Be Where You Are?

Can You Be Where You Are?
Hannah Midgley

Have you noticed that there are not many people or situations in life that allow us simply to be with exactly how we are?  Often there is an expectation to explain yourself, to be to trying to improve or fix ourselves or to even suppress ourselves in order to fit into the needs of others. This way of living creates a constant anxiety in our mind and tension in our body that, if left unmonitored, can lead to stress and illness.  We can actually get so out of touch that we don’t how we really feel or what we really think about things, as we rarely have the space or time to check.

What we all need is a chance to STOP being overloaded by these external pressures and instead to relax and tune into our inner resources and intuitive wisdom, which will always inform us what is best for us in any given moment.

Luckily there are many ways to do this. Of course, meditation is a wonderful way to experience the peace within, for some running enables them to quiet the mind and “get into the zone” and for others walking in nature is a must to maintain their mental well-being.

A Holding for Healing Session provides another opportunity to become full present in the moment and to let go of our busy thoughts.  The huge advantage is that a skilled practitioner guides and encourages you into a deeper place of rest and relaxation.  You are supported, not just mentally and emotional, but physically held too.

Human-beings are social beings and physical contact is a basic need, moreover, as we gently soften into receiving touch our brains produce more serotonin and oxytocin. Both of these chemicals make us calm and happy and contribute to improving our health. It’s a win-win!

A Holding for Healing Session is one of those treasured moments in life where nothing is expected of you.  One of the main requirements of a Holding of Healing Practitioner to be able to meet the client exactly where they are. There is no fixed agenda other than to hold the client in a space of acceptance, reassurance and love.

In this way we create a place where the client can shelve their responsibilities, worries, problems, concerns, self-development projects, to do lists and rational justifications and for 50minutes come back to themselves…..exactly how there are in that moment knowing that they will be cared for lovingly.

To give yourself time to STOP is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself, it’s a bit like pressing the reset button on your computer, or de-fragmenting. I thoroughly believe that we all contain with in us the potential to be fully health, happy, peaceful and joyful and the more we come back to a still place within and consciously choose to be held in a safe and loving way the more likely we are to live life in this way.



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