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Brighton Journal | 21st October 2019

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Artist of the Week: Karen Potter

19th October 2019 |

This week Brighton Journal spoke to Karen Potter, a local printmaker who creates linocut and lithograph landscapes. Karen always has a sketchbook to hand, and carries out her preliminary drawings in situ. We discussed what attracts her to printmaking, as … Read More

‘Don’t You Want Me’ Exhibition Hits Brighton this November

14th October 2019 |

As we all know, Brighton is bursting with life and things to do. It’s constantly churning out new events to cater for the masses.

With so many artistic individuals living in Brighton, it’s not surprising that we have a constant … Read More

Top 5 Autumn date ideas

14th October 2019 |

Stuck for inspiration of fun things to do with your loved one this season? Missing the romantic sunset walks along the beach over Summer or afternoon picnics soaking up the rays? Look no further! 

The weather outside may be leaving … Read More

The Secret Commonwealth Review

14th October 2019 |

The Secret Commonwealth Review

From the outset we get the sense that things have changed from the events of His Dark Materials as we dive back into Pullman’s world with The Secret Commonwealth.

Beware for spoilers ahead!

“It used to … Read More

Artist of the Week: Lulu Clark

12th October 2019 |

This week Brighton Journal spoke to Lulu Clark, a local jewellery designer who takes inspiration from geometric shapes, texture and form. We discussed Lulu’s favourite things to do locally, and how her current collection puts an emphasis on recycling and … Read More

Artist of the week: Rachel Shorer

11th October 2019 |

Rachel Shorer is a writer and performance poet who lives in Hove. She’s currently finishing her first novel, The Peaceweaver’s Wordhoard, which is a retelling of Beowulf from a female perspective. Last year she toured her spoken word show 10 … Read More

Podcast of the Week: Black Gals Livin’

11th October 2019 |

Welcome to our new feature, Podcasts of the Week! Every week we’ll pick out a podcast that we’re really into and tell you all about it.

October is Black History Month, and our pick this week is Black Gals Livin’, … Read More

Hustlers Film Review – Female empowerment hits the limelight

8th October 2019 |

Female solidarity reigns richer than the pockets of the Wall Street tycoons in this dazzling Crime-drama, following a group of strippers that try to turn the tables in a male-dominated world.

Drenched in neon hues and balmy blue and pink … Read More

Artist of the Week: Hiroko Lewis

5th October 2019 |

This week we spoke to Brighton-based artist Hiroko Lewis about her semi-abstract mindscapes. Frequently inspired by the Sussex landscape, a recurring theme in Hiroko’s artwork is “the beauty of imperfection and decay.” We discussed how living in Brighton has influenced … Read More

What happened to Aunt Lydia? A review of Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Testaments’

1st October 2019 |

Margaret Atwood returns to the dystopian Gilead in The Testaments, thirty years after The Handmaid’s Tale was released. The Handmaid’s Tale’s prestigious reputation and the popularity of the Netflix adaption have made Atwood’s new novel highly anticipated. 

Before it was … Read More