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Brighton Journal | 24th February 2020

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A Sense of Place – Sussex Exhibition to Raise Money to help Refugees and the Homeless

21st September 2017 |

An exhibition opening to the public tomorrow will showcase graphic art works that explore the idea of place and what it means.

The show will run from the 22nd-30th of September in the Bozboz Gallery in Brighton on Richmond Place.

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Phoenix Gallery Hosts Brighton Print Fair

16th September 2017 |

A new art fair opened it’s doors to the public today and is already picking up quite a bit of traction with locals. The Phoenix Gallery on Waterloo Place in Brighton is hosting the print fair for the next 10 … Read More

You Can Be On TV With The BBC’s New Craft Show

15th September 2017 |

The BBC is asking you to showcase your crafts in their new series ‘Waste Not Want Not’ (working title).

Cbeebies wants to teach children about traditional crafts and show them the thriving community of artisans across the UK.

They are … Read More

Wild Art Journalling Experience

14th September 2017 |

Have you ever heard of Wild Art Journalling?

It is the process of combining colour, mark making, collaging, drawing and free-flow writing.

Helping you become more aware of your presence and enjoy a new range of creative expression.

You don’t … Read More

iPhone 8’s Best New Features

13th September 2017 |

Yesterday the iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus were released in California along with the premium iPhone X handset. Below is a list of our favourite new features;

  • Water and dust resistant
  • Speakers are 25% louder than the 7
  • 12 … Read More

Hybrid Retailing Here In Brighton

6th September 2017 |

Independent jewellery retail store, Pressleys in Brighton is terming the concept of “hybrid retailing” with the opening of its in house restaurant ‘1909’.

The seasonal restaurant will offer small organic plates and low intervention wines to customers.

1909 is the … Read More

Invest Time In LinkedIn And Reap The Rewards

22nd August 2017 |

You can really influence your professional brand in a positive way by using LinkedIn and can totally use it to your advantage to further your career by connecting with new and different people, and by being aware of what is … Read More

Best Card Shops In Brighton

21st July 2017 | 1

So when someones birthday rolls around we all rush to the Card Factory for the cheapest card available. Maybe Clinton Cards if you’re a bit more fancy. But what happened to getting personal cards that really come from the heart … Read More

Smart Home Design And Technology Trends For 2017

5th June 2017 |

Home automation has now become so popular that nearly half of all people who are updating their home incorporate it into the design, in some form or another. The technology for home automation has become so sophisticated that people are … Read More

Who Loves Biscuits? We Spoke To Saskia Founder Of Life’s A Biscuit!

14th April 2017 |

Saskia, 29 is half Dutch and East Londoner is now living in “beautiful Brighton.” She moved over to Brighton from London to study art at uni. “I always assumed I’d move straight back and feel a bit treacherous to London … Read More