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Brighton Journal | 26th February 2020

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A Brighton Treasure Hunt

10th October 2015 |

Ever wanted to test your knowledge of Brighton? Love a treasure hunt? Or maybe you just want something new to do on a Saturday? Look no further, we have the answer to your problems. is a game that involves … Read More

The Colour Run 2015

9th October 2015 |

The world famous colour run finishes its 2015 tour in Brighton this weekend. Also known as the happiest 5K on the Planet, the colour run douses every runner with a different colour at each kilometre. The race is un-timed, and … Read More

Haunted Brighton

8th October 2015 |

You can think what you like about ghostly phenomena. Whether ghosts even exist is a good starting point. Could they simply be the ravings of attention seekers? Are they hallucinations or something to do with naturally occurring phenomena? Other explanations … Read More

Typical Girls

8th October 2015 |

This week in the pop-up shop in Gloucester Road is Typical Girls, a brand new print magazine, though it isn’t your typical magazine. Contributors in this issue include a circus performer who has travelled the world, and is still travelling, … Read More

Brighton’s hidden Black and Asian history

3rd October 2015 |

It’s Black History Month here in the UK, a vitally important, and really truly interesting event in our calendar. We at bjournal wanted to tell you a bit about the things going on in the coming weeks to commemorate such … Read More

Labour activists vow to block Corbyn! – Gossip from the Conference

2nd October 2015 |

Jeremy Corbyn has been a controversial figure since an against-the-odds victory led to him becoming The Labour Party’s new leader last month. Papers such as The Guardian have suggested that the Conservatives “plan to use one parliamentary vote after another” … Read More

6 Best Places to watch the Rugby World Cup in Brighton

2nd October 2015 |

This is it. The crunch. Win or lose. Do or die – ok that’s pushing it a little but you get the picture. England have to turn over the Australians, number 3 in the world and one of our fiercest … Read More

Something odd is happening on Gloucester Road

1st October 2015 |

You may have noticed that every week on Gloucester Road a new shop appears. And then that new shop disappears and then another one opens, offering exhibitions, workshops and clothes. This is the work of Pop-Up Brighton, who have created … Read More

“I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend”

1st October 2015 |

If you had the privilege of being stuck at Brighton station last week, you might have noticed something to make your gruelling commute a bit more interesting. As part of Brighton’s digital festival, musician and software developer Alan Donohoe and … Read More