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Brighton Journal | 21st October 2019

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University of Sussex and University of Brighton named as two of the most vegan-friendly universities in the country

16th October 2019 |

Both the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton have been named as two of the most vegan-friendly universities in the country by a leading animal rights’ charity.

PETA has named both institutions among the top 20 vegan universities … Read More

Restaurant review: Brighton’s favourite Indian

11th October 2019 |

Any Brighton resident worth their salt has been to The Chilli Pickle; one of our premier Indian restaurants. It’s surrounded rather arbitrarily by the Jubilee Library, a leisure centre and Pizza Express (for now). So, with that notion in mind … Read More

Lasagne with a Green Twist

9th October 2019 |

Now that it’s October and it’s getting a bit more gloomy outside, most of us are looking forward to getting in doors and having a cosy evening on the couch. In which case, we all need the perfect comfort food … Read More

5 Iconic Lunch Dishes Around the World

7th October 2019 |

Other than sufficing hunger, food serves as one of the luxuries in life. The tasty flavours that bring us comfort and pleasure is the reason why people are crazy about it. The standard frequency of eating meals everyday is 3. … Read More

Curry Leaf Cafe opens fourth site in Brighton at Churchill Square

4th October 2019 |

The Curry Leaf Cafe, Brighton’s largest independent food operator, opened their fourth site yesterday. The award-winning South Indian casual dining restaurant has bucked the trend, proving independent restaurants can survive in a competitive food market.

A purpose-built street food trailer, … Read More

Meat-free meal ideas: Vegan potato and pea curry

3rd October 2019 |

Trying to cut down on your meat consumption? You’ve come to the right place!

With many of us trying to ethically source our food and become more environmentally conscious, we’re here to provide you with some plant-based inspo that … Read More

Is coffee surprisingly good for you?

11th September 2019 |

Coffee, and the caffeine it contains, is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Brighton is no exception to this rule. The coffee scene in our lovely city means we are rarely short of an opportunity to drink … Read More

The Ultimate Halloumi Sandwich

28th August 2019 |

Pack as many of your 5-a-day into this whopping sandwich as you can. Let your imagination run wild as wild as ours has, because we’ve added a tropical twist to this one. Pineapple! It’s a great taste of the summer … Read More

This Week’s Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Burgers

14th August 2019 |

Burgers are often the first choice for lunch or dinner for many people, especially after a long tiring day. The reason why is simple, it is fast and easy to make. Burgers, however, are often deemed unhealthy when purchased at … Read More

Dodo Pizza is the future of innovative takeaways

12th July 2019 |

Dodo Pizza is an international brand that has chosen our beloved city of Brighton as the first site for its innovative store in the UK.

Last year, Dodo Pizza made it onto Stagwegs’ list of 50 awesome pizza places in … Read More