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Brighton Journal | 21st February 2020

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The Hair Trend Set to Takeover Ombre

4th March 2016 |

Loved by everyone from Drew Barrymore to Emily Blunt, Ombre is the biggest hair colour phenomena since those chunky highlights everyone sported in 2005. Of course, with every hair phenomenon, to continue its time in the limelight is has to … Read More

Urban Decay Announces Their New ‘Most Addictive Vice’

3rd March 2016 |

Urban Decay, the cult beauty giants, are celebrating their twentieth year this year and in celebration of this milestone the company have pulled out all the stops. Mere days after they released a whole new line of shadows and eyeliners, … Read More

Caitlin Jenner Joins Her Daughters in Make-Up Collaboration

29th February 2016 |

After weeks of speculation, MAC cosmetics have finally announced who the face of their new make-up campaign is, and yes you guessed it, it’s a Jenner. Following in her daughters footsteps, Caitlin Jenner have teamed up with the beauty giants … Read More

The Nail Trend That’s Taken Korea by Storm

25th February 2016 |

We at Bjournal love a quirky trend, and this one is definitely the best we’ve seen so far, if not the most impractical. Those little fluffy pompoms have been everywhere, from phone cases to purses recently but now they are … Read More

Kendall Jenner Launches Eye Shadow Palette With a Twist

21st February 2016 |
  1. First it was Kylie, now her older sister Kendall has launched her own beauty range with leading beauty brand Estée Lauder. Jenner became a spokesperson for the brand last year and up until now had designed one lipstick called … Read More

Instagram is Going Crazy Over This New Hair Trend

18th February 2016 |

Also known as the ‘double dutch braids’, boxer braids have been the hair trend that is taking the celebrity world, and the insta-universe, by storm. As seen on pretty much all the Kardashians (and North West), Katy Perry, Rita Ora … Read More

Hidden Hair Tattoos Are a Thing and They Are Great

11th February 2016 |


Hidden hair trends are definitely a thing this year. First, there was under-lights, the easiest, and sneakiest, way to have beautifully coloured hair and get away with it whilst at work or school. Now, there’s hair tattoos.

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Bubble Face Masks are Flying of the Shelves

11th February 2016 |

The at-home pamper business is booming, even more so after sales of face masks have soared in the past few years. Sheet masks, mud masks and everything in between have been flying off the shelves, but what about bubble masks?

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Neck Contouring is Now a Thing

8th February 2016 |

Have you ever been really worried about how the back of your neck looks? No me neither, but apparently we should be. Neck contouring is officially a thing, and it’s becoming the next big Insta-trend. We understand the benefits of … Read More

Marc Jacobs Beauty Finally Hits the UK

7th February 2016 |

Good news for beauty junkies! Marc Jacobs’ beauty collection is finally in the UK! Having being stocked in US store Sephora in 2013, British beauty fans have been missing out on the incredible range from designer Marc Jacobs. Thankfully we … Read More