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Brighton Journal | 25th January 2020

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Spray on Nail-Polish

10th November 2015 |

Do you have that friend that can paint their nails to top manicurist standard whilst curling their hair, ironing a shirt and coming up with a solution to combat climate change? Do you devote all your attention to paining your … Read More

Kylie Jenner Leads the Way for the Newest Hair Trend

3rd November 2015 | 1

You may remember bjournal reporting on a bizarre but adorable trend in China that involved people clipping plastic plants onto their heads, well now we’ve got something even better on the hair trend front. Hair tattoos. You read that right. … Read More

A Miracle Brush

8th October 2015 |

Straight hair always looks sleek and sophisticated, and is a great fail safe look, but sometimes it can feel as if it takes forever to straighten your hair. Fiddling around with a hair clip, a hair brush and burning hot … Read More

“unless you wore a simple t shirt with a pair of jeans you would be stared at”

2nd October 2015 |

The other day I spoke to Abigail, an aspiring make-up artist living in Brighton. Only just turned eighteen, Abigail has already worked on five major projects as a make-up assistant, two are already published and three more are on their … Read More