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Brighton Journal | 17th November 2019

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4 Super simple daily practices guaranteed to improve well-being

13th September 2019 |

I find myself recommending these super simple practices to anyone who wants to improve their well-being. As a personal trainer and development coach it is my job to help my clients feel stronger, healthier, and guide them through the process … Read More

Brighton’s darkest secrets and rebel nature

13th September 2019 |

Brighton has been boasted to be one of the happiest places in the UK in a recent survey However the Office for National Statistics argues it is about average for wellbeing. Perhaps this just relates to how we ask the … Read More

Is coffee surprisingly good for you?

11th September 2019 |

Coffee, and the caffeine it contains, is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Brighton is no exception to this rule. The coffee scene in our lovely city means we are rarely short of an opportunity to drink … Read More

The Best Casinos in Brighton

6th September 2019 | 1

Casinos have changed a lot over the years. Although it’s hard to pinpoint precisely when the first casino-like establishments were formed, they date back hundreds of years, all the way to ancient Greece and Rome. Back then — like today … Read More

Brighton Beach Sea Safety Basics

5th September 2019 |

There has been a recent revival in sea swimming over the recent years and I could not be more excited about it. Nothing feels better than a refreshing dip into natures plunge pool followed by a rush of endorphins. The … Read More

6 things to do at the Sea Lanes!

3rd September 2019 |

Let me introduce to you the Sea Lanes, Brighton’s hub for all things sea swimming, health, well-being, and community. This unique venue is reviving the traditional practice of open water swimming in an entirely modern way.  As if aquatic adventures … Read More

i360 Goes Pink For Organ Donation

2nd September 2019 |

The i360 will be lit up in pink tonight to raise awareness of organ donation.

British Airways is collaborating with NHS Blood and Transfer Service in their #PassItOn campaign, which aims to encourage people to sign up to the register, … Read More

5 Ways to Make Money While Studying at Law School

30th August 2019 |

A recent survey of 188 national law schools found that in the 2018 academic year, the average cost of attending a private law school in the U.S. was $49,095 while studying law at a public school cost around $40,725. Granted, … Read More

Beneficial properties of quality sleep

29th August 2019 |

Many studies show how the quality of our sleep plays a crucial role in our efficiency during the daytime. According to a multiplicity of academic researches, a regular and optimal sleep increases our mental skills from 20% to 40%. The … Read More

5 Perfect Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy People

27th August 2019 |

You probably know someone who loves spending time outside, going camping, fishing and whatnot. You also may be that person and you probably already know that there are never enough accessories when it comes to outdoor gear. Whether it’s something … Read More