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Brighton Journal | 7th April 2020

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Some Book Recommendations While on Lockdown

6th April 2020 |


With all the down time we have lately you might be  looking for something to give you a bit of inspiration, an outlet to get you out of your everyday routine whilst being stuck at home. Reading is and always … Read More

Meet the local artist who is painting Brighton’s NHS staff for free

5th April 2020 |

With the Covid-19 pandemic creating additional pressure in all of our lives, the tireless efforts of our NHS staff and essential service workers cannot be thanked enough. In recognition of their amazing work, local resident Henry Ballard is hoping to … Read More

Coronavirus: time for some positive news

4th April 2020 |

It sure is difficult trying to escape the regular updates of COVID-19 as it is plastered all over the news. Whilst it is rightly at the heart of daily discussions in the media, information regarding the  pandemic can induce a … Read More

Living with OCD during coronavirus

4th April 2020 |

The realities of living with OCD, when the fear becomes real, and distinguishing between OCD thought patterns and being a responsible member of society during the Covid pandemic? Ria Pelling talks us through her disorder.

The reality of Obsessive Compulsive … Read More

With the weather set to be warm, this weekend will be a test. But we must stay indoors

3rd April 2020 |

The UK’s second weekend in lockdown is set to be the warmest of the year so far, with temperatures expected to reach 15 degrees in Brighton and Hove on Sunday. 

Last week, the government introduced stricter social distancing measures to … Read More

Council asks residents to think twice before having fires

3rd April 2020 |

Brighton & Hove City Council has asked residents to rethink having open fires, bonfires, and using wood burning stoves during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Councillor Anne Pissaridou, chair of the council’s environment committee, said:

“At a time when millions of people … Read More

Will coronavirus be the turning point for globalisation?

3rd April 2020 |


There is a widespread belief that nothing will ever be the same after the coronavirus pandemic, with society, the role of government and the economy changing forever. Some predict we will see a society that shows more solidarity and … Read More

Quarantine self-improvement is great…just don’t put too much pressure on yourself

3rd April 2020 |

‘I really want to do that, I just haven’t got time’. How often do you hear someone say that, or think it yourself? It’s got to be at least twice a day. In normal life, we’re all forced to rush … Read More

A Few Classics To Enjoy on Lockdown

2nd April 2020 |

With the Lockdown upon us, there are many trying to stay positive. But what if you just want to wallow in the pandemic turmoil? It wouldn’t be that bad would it? It could even be seen as a cathartic experience … Read More

ACORN army leading city-wide effort to support vulnerable people affected by Covid-19

2nd April 2020 |

ACORN, a community union with hundreds of members across Brighton, have amassed a ‘volunteer army’ to protect vulnerable people affected by the coronavirus crisis.

The 350 strong Brighton volunteer group is part of a network of over 3,500 volunteers … Read More