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Brighton Journal | 20th November 2019

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Do you need help spreading the word about your business?

11th July 2019 |

We have a strong bond with the local community here at Brighton Journal – it’s at the forefront of everything we do. And that ethos extends to local businesses, after all, we’re a local enterprise ourselves. We work closely alongside … Read More

Humans Of Brighton: Meet Alex

7th July 2019 |

“What makes you happy?”


“Sitting here once a month on this bench at this cafe together. We like sitting here and talking about everything in life. I think that is what makes us happy. We come here so frequently … Read More

The best of Brighton on Instagram: 26 June – 02 July

2nd July 2019 |

Happy Tuesday! The sun has come back and is here to stay, and from what we can see from Instagram you have certainly been making the most of it!

In this article expect to see a lot of sea and … Read More

Humans Of Brighton: Meet Luke

30th June 2019 |

This week, we met with Luke to ask him “What makes you happy?”!

“My friends make me happy. I met them through attending gigs. We were all really shy with each other at first. … Read More

Artist of the Week: Danika McElroy

29th June 2019 |

This week, Brighton Journal had the pleasure of chatting with Brighton based artist Danika McElroy. Danika’s unique pieces of art are created predominantly with watercolour, resulting in vividly striking scenes. Her cosmic art portrays a much deeper concept relating … Read More

The best of Brighton on Instagram: 19-25 June

25th June 2019 |

Hello Brighton! This week has been pretty hectic weather wise, hasn’t it? Warm sunny days, rain and even thunderstorms in just a few days created a lot of opportunities for some stunning shots!

Have a look down below for some … Read More

“Life is full of moments that come and go in an instant” – Interview with local photographer John White

24th June 2019 |

The Brighton Journal had the pleasure of interviewing John White, a local photographer who has traveled around the world capturing a range of stunning images. He explains why photography is important and has some great advice for people who are … Read More

‘It’s the coolest place in England,’ exclusive interview with local author Peter James

22nd June 2019 | 1

Following the release of his latest novel Dead at First Sight, all of us at Brighton Journal were delighted to be granted some time to speak to local resident and superstar author Peter James last week. Well known for his … Read More

The best of Brighton on Instagram: 12-18 June

18th June 2019 |

Happy Tuesday! The sun is feeling a bit shy today, but that certainly does not stop Instagrammers from going out and about and taking some amazing pictures! Photographers have once again delighted us with some great pictures of our beloved … Read More

Humans of Brighton: Meet Colin

16th June 2019 |

This week, the Brighton Journal got talking to Colin, a true Brightonian born and raised. He is self-employed and sells hats and sunglasses in the Laines.

“Over the years, the art in Brighton has been inspiring for me. How artistic … Read More