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Brighton Journal | June 20, 2019

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Travel and Transport

Southern Fail Strikes Again: Rail Boss Takes Up Two Seats and Refuses to Move

July 16, 2018 |

Southern Rail commuters have now enjoyed the cherry on top of what can only be described as months of misery as pictures emerge of Mark Boon – head of Operations for Southern Rail – taking up two seats on a … Read More

‘Breathe in Brighton’: Raising Air Pollution Awareness

July 10, 2018 |

As a city with the only Green MP in the country there is no denying that Brighton people are working hard to create a cleaner and greener environment – what with the huge focus on cycling rather than driving, and … Read More

Commuter Chaos: Many Advised Not to Travel in Latest Rail Meltdown

July 5, 2018 |

Hundreds of commuters have been advised to entirely avoid traveling by train today, as major delays at Victoria Station have had a knock on effect, halting services in and out of London, with Brighton commuters heavily affected.

The initial cause … Read More

Number of Electric Cars in Brighton & Hove Increased 1860% in 5 Years

June 19, 2018 |

The shift marks the growing prominence of the industry.

Brighton and Hove is widely regarded as a focal point for environmental action.

This is backed up by the surge in popularity in electric cars in the city.

The electric car … Read More

Preston Park Residents Form Group to Fight Train Timetable Changes

June 5, 2018 |

Preston Park residents have come together to create a Facebook group in order to fight against the recent timetable changes.

‘Preston Park Train Campaign’ was created by locals in attempt to protest against train timetable changes, that have left them … Read More

Does Brighton Have the Best Bus Service in the Country?

October 17, 2017 |

Brighton and Hove busses has picked up the title of ‘Bus Operator of the Year’ at the National Transport Awards, making the city rank amongst the best connected in the country in terms of its internal and external transport links.

Upon receiving … Read More

Out of Order: Disruptions, No Vending Machines, and No Staff at Brighton Station

October 17, 2017 |

Many commuters were left in the dark this morning as they were hit with a deluge of disruptions.

With ticket machines at the station being out of order and reports that no staff members were available this morning to help … Read More

Many Experience Technical Errors as New Parking Permit System Malfunctions

September 27, 2017 |

If you have been trying to use the new online parking permit system recently introduced by Brighton & Hove City Council then you will be aware of the glitches and hitches holding up your application.

The system has been introduced … Read More

Brighton Taxi Drivers Rally in Protest of De-Regulation and Call for Transparency in Brighton’s Uber License Renewel

September 26, 2017 |

Taxi drivers held a rally outside the Labour Party Conference at the Brighton Centre yesterday, clogging up Kings Road along the seafront and stopping traffic with their green and white vehicles.

Their protest was geared towards calling for urgent reforms … Read More

Residents of Brighton’s Underserved Suburbs Bemoan Poor Bus Service

September 26, 2017 |

Residents of Patcham and East Saltdean complained about the public transport services that their area receives citing an absence of of regular buses and no electronic announcement boards at their stops.

At the Breathe in Brighton event held at the … Read More