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| November 21, 2018

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Six Tips For a Perfect Christmas Dinner

Roast Turkey
Pete Humphreys

Everyone knows that the best thing about Christmas is the food, so here are our tips for the perfect December roast.

Roast Potatoes

Fluffy Roast Potatoes

Before putting them in the oven, put your roast potatoes in a pot and put on the lid. Give the whole thing a couple of hard shakes and say hello to perfectly fluffy potatoes.

Photo: Alex Brown (Flickr)

Roast Turkey

Crispy Turkey

If you want your turkey golden on the outside without it becoming dry, cook it at a lower temperature for longer than you normally would ( around 60°C). Take the turkey out, whack the oven up to 250°C and put it back in. Be careful though, as the skin will crisp up very quickly.

Photo: Slice of Chic (Flickr)


Do Stuffing Your Way

Add a beaten egg to your stuffing, if you would like it firm so that you can cut it into slices. If you prefer it crumbly, simply leave the egg out. For something a little bit different, why not add some cheese?

Photo: CookBookMan17 (Flickr)

Roast Carrots

Perfect Carrots

For perfect roast carrots make sure to spread them out evenly in one layer– if they end up on top of each other they will steam and not roast.

Photo: Maggie Hoffman (Flickr)

Nut Roast

Easy Veggie Option

Forgotten about the veggie guest? Use readymade stuffing as a base for a delicious meat-free main. Throw in some fried off mushrooms, pecans, and cashews. Put it in the oven for 40 mins  and you’ve got an instant nut roast.

Photo: Malcolm Murdoch (Flickr)

Christmas Dinner

Call in the Cavalry

You deserve to enjoy Christmas as much as anybody else so if you’ve got a few guests coming this year, then why not spread the load and have them bring their own dish? Remember to guide your family and friends on what to bring (nobody wants 7 Christmas puddings), but sharing the work really does make for a more relaxing Christmas.

Photo: Stefan Magdalinski (Flickr)

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