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Brighton Journal | 20th October 2019

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Community stories to inspire development project

Hannah Midgley

Tarner community stories are being used to inspire artwork at the Edward Street Quarter development project.

First Base, the owners of the Edward Street Quarter development project have held two public art workshops, where they have invited local residents to share their memories, stories and experiences of living in the area.”Stories reflected the area’s ‘fisher folk’ heritage, it’s connection to English romantic painter, William Turner, and memories of notable landmarks from Mighell Street, such the Black Lion pub.”

The themes that emerged from residents in these workshops, will go on to inform the artistic brief for the design of the public realm at Edwards Street Quarter.

First Base is leading the project and is a “mixed-use developer that specialises in major urban renewal projects and is in close partnersnhip with the public sector“. First Basecollaborates with leading architects” to create “well-designed, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhoods.”

Project Director, Steve Eccles, has said:

“It’s been great to hear old fables and anecdotes from the Tarner neighbourhood. These stories, memories and photographs have uncovered the true character, charm and folklore of the area.

“We have also connected with a handful of talented local artists, who will now be included on the council’s tender list and given the opportunity to pitch.”

Richard Wolfstorme, who has been commissioned to design this new public realm has said:

“Our intention is to encourage the commissioned artists to collaborate with local community members when creating the artwork, so that Edward Street Quarter’s public realm will include signposts to the area’s heritage as told by the community.”

Richard Wolfstorme,

Richard is continuing to meet with people in the Tarner area to deliver this public art strategy.

If you would like to be involved in this project, or have any questions contact Richard here:

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