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| January 20, 2019

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Could Brighton Be Getting Its Second Community Pub?

Could Brighton Be Getting Its Second Community Pub?
Stephanie Newton

A Hanover pub could become the second ever community pub in Brighton. The Greys, in Hanover, was put up for sale earlier this month by its corporate owners, and could become Brighton’s second community pub.

The founders of the first community pub, The Bevy, have offered some inspiring advice to regulars at The Greys, after they came to them for advice in the hopes of saving their beloved local.

Warren Carter, of The Bevy, met with regulars on Tuesday evening and told them that the venue had the potential to meet the success of Brighton’s first community pub.

Mr Carter told the hopeful regulars that they were in a good position as “The Greys is known worldwide. They get big bands playing what is a small venue. Roger Daltrey described it as a great little boozer.” – A strong start pointing which The Bevy did not have. However, if they hope to make anything of the pub the community need to identify what makes The Greys stand out amongst the numerous other Hanover pubs.

The Bevy itself reopened in 2014 after 700 shareholders managed to raise more than £200,000. Now The Bevy is flourishing, even offering services such as a community bus and training kitchen. Campaigners for local pubs travel from far-a-field to seek out advice from the, now, very successful community pub.

On an ending note, Mr Carter said: “We want to see more community pubs here. Everything changes when it becomes a community pub. Rather than a space to go pay money it becomes their space.”

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