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| April 18, 2019

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Council Launches 1984 Style Campaign Against Dog Nuisance

Council workers hold up the posters
Pete Humphreys

Brighton & Hove City Council have launched a 1984 style campaign against dog fouling, telling perpetrators “We’re watching you”.

Residents across Brighton & Hove will wake up to the new campaign on Friday morning (March 3rd) which features posters with luminous eyes.

The ‘We’re watching you’ campaign, (#we’re watching you) was launched in other areas of the country last year by the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, and sets it sights on dog owners who do not clear up after themselves.

Keep Britain Tidy say the campaign saw an average reduction of 46% in the levels of dog fouling.

The Council say dog fouling as a “long standing problem” in the Brighton and Hove.

Environment council Gill Mitchell explained: “Most incidents of dog fouling happen after dark when some dog owners feel that they can’t be seen. We hope these luminous posters will act as a deterrent, and encourage those irresponsible dog owners to pick up after their pets.”

Staff will also be putting up Keep Britain Tidy group’s ‘Dog Poo Fairy’ posters in parks and other locations.

Residents are being encouraged to report incidents of dog fouling.

When dog fouling is cleared from pavements, street cleaners will mark the spot with a washable stencil.

Whilst the campaign aims to raise awareness and change behaviour, the council have reminded dog owners that enforcement officers from 3GS are able to issue on the spot fines to offenders.

Cllr Mitchell added: “Dog fouling is a major concern for many of our residents so we are very pleased to be working with Keep Britain Tidy, on this campaign.

“Other local authorities which ran the campaign have seen incidents of dog fouling almost halve, so we are hoping to see similar results here in Brighton & Hove.”


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