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| December 13, 2018

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Council Makes Official Bid for Brighton to Become Home of Channel 4

Council Makes Official Bid for Brighton to Become Home of Channel 4
Kim Ayling
  • On May 14, 2018

Brighton and Hove City Council released on Saturday that they have made an official bid for the city to become home to one of Channel 4’s new creative hubs. In this bid, the council worked with both Brighton and Sussex universities, as well as Greater Brighton Metropolitan College to demonstrate Brighton’s distinctive status as a major digital and creative centre.

If the bid is successful, the channel’s Head Quarters will be moved to Brighton, in turn creating over 300 new jobs for Channel 4, with an additional 3000 production jobs, as well as securing the city’s status as an international hub for creativity.

Brighton and Hove Council has cited the city’s ‘unique character as a location known for its quality of life and independent spirit, and its excellent transport links […] including its close proximity to Gatwick Airport’ as the city’s primary attributes working in it’s favour to secure the bid.

Channel 4 launched it’s ‘4 All The UK’ campaign back in April, which invited regions from all over the UK to put forward proposals to become home to one of the three new hubs.

According to Channel 4’s website, the launch of ‘4 All The UK’ is intended to ‘ensure Channel 4 is serving the whole of the UK and [will be] the biggest change to the structure of the organisation in its 35-year history.’

The council’s chair of Tourism, Development and Culture Committee, Alan Robins has said that the city ‘has a long-held reputation for doing things differently’ and is a place ‘where creativity and innovation are encouraged to flourish’. This perfectly matches the premise on which Channel 4 was first created, which was initially to provide an alternative to existing mainstream channels. Channel 4 sets out to demonstrate innovation, experiment and creativity in it’s broadcasting and they’ve now gained a reputation for programmes on the contemporary arts.

A successful bid would see Channel 4 join hundreds of talented individuals, as well as creative businesses, in our diverse and innovative city.

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