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| November 16, 2018

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Council Warns of Suspected Bailiff Payment Scam

Council Warns of Suspected Bailiff Payment Scam
Andrew O'Connor

Brighton’s Council Tax team has had reports of people claiming to be council enforcement agents from the county court calling residents asking them to make an immediate payments to a bank account they provide. This is a scam.

Council Enforcement Agents (formerly known as Bailiffs) do not make phone calls directly to customers unless pre-arranged.

The unscrupulous and degenerate individuals conducting these kinds of scams are still yet to be identified, so if you or someone you know are being pressured into making payments to these conmen under the pretense of lawful activity, then get into contact with the council or the police using the infromation provided below. This utterly reprehensible behaviour, and those conducting it, need to be stopped and put to justice for taking advantage of those vulnerable and and financially stressed individuals being targeted.

If enforcement agents do visit a property in the city, they will be happy to confirm their identity with a Brighton & Hove City Council identity card or a photo identification to confirm their certification as an Enforcement Agent. They will also be able to provide documentation to verify the reason for their visit. We advise residents to always ask to check the identification of anyone claming to be calling on behalf of the council.

If a customer has any doubt about the validity of the caller, please call call the council on 01273 291900.

Any residents who has received one of these calls, should contact Sussex Police to report the call.

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