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| November 20, 2018

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Creating a Vital Life

Creating a Vital Life
Helen Thatcher

Hello and Welcome to 2018.

So I think it is pretty obvious what my New Year Resolution is ….yes, that’s it…. start writing blog posts again!!!

And why?  Because I strongly believe in encouraging others to live a Vital Life by embracing their full potential and I wish to share ideas with as many people as possible.

So what is it that you really want to embrace this year? What do you want to say YES to? And which area of your life do you wish to ignite with Vital energy?

New Year’s resolutions are not necessarily the best way to reach your full potential, especially as they often emphasis what you do NOT want, for example “I must not eat chocolate for breakfast” which ironically means you are constantly focusing on the precise thing you are trying to avoid.  The best way to reach your full potential is to development the feelings that you wish to experience through a certain behaviour as this will guide you to the best action, and help you create new habits over time. It’s about saying “yes” to something rather than denying yourself.

A Vital Life, is one where you are fully engaged and taking a central place in your existence. It does require courage to take the lead role and it is an expression of a brave-hearted individual who takes that leap of faith and participates fully in every moment.

2018 is not the time to be stuck in the back row, an observer of your own life, now is the moment to jump in 100%.

Talking of jumping in, on Sunday thousands of people braved icy waters all around the country for the traditional New Year’s Day charity swim. In doing so they were demonstrating a commitment to take personal responsibility for changing the world for the better, embracing the cold in order to bring benefit to others.

I also went into the sea on 1st January with a group of friends on a glorious beach in Norfolk.  Not to raise money but to experience the exhilaration and total presence of being in the moment with no ability to be worrying about the past or thinking about the future.  The shock of the water ensures your attention is completely in the here and now as your body’s physiological system goes into overdrive to protect you from the extreme elements.

I was only in for a few minutes but I will carry this Vital experience with me into 2018…This is how I wish to live my life, not as a bystander thinking “what if” but as an adventurer embracing all the opportunities for growth, joy, love and life that come my way.

With a warm welcoming hug Helen x

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