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Brighton Journal | July 16, 2019

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Cyborg Life Drawing Class at the Pop-Up Lab

Cyborg Life Drawing Class at the Pop-Up Lab
Hannah Midgley

This Wednesday the Pop-Up Lab on Kings Road will host a cyborg life drawing session, in which participants will have the chance to sketch a collision of the natural and the synthetic. The event aims to create a heightened contrast between the soft curvatures of the natural human form and the harsh, angular lines of the machine.The event promises ‘models posing in Mad Max style post-apocalyptic costumes, as well as light-up cybernetic neon outfits and projections onto models’ skin’, and is sure to inspire artistic experimentation.

In a world in which babies can be synthetically grown, and computers can think like people, it may be time to dispense with our preconceptions about the distance between the human and the artificial. This fusion of contrasting forms and textures might challenge some of these assumptions and pose poignant questions about the commingling of these two spheres in our modern world.

Featured image by Kaboompics // Karolina

Pop Up Brighton provides new, upcoming artists with an opportunity to put their work out their by putting on as many free shows as possible. Each show focuses on a different artistic discipline, but the shows are always free to participate in, giving brighton’s bright young artists a precious opportunity to showcase their talent.

The non-profit organisation have curated 40 shows and helped over 2000 artists gain exposure. Since its humble beginnings as an empty sea front shop in 2011 the art space has steadily grown and continues to grant opportunities otherwise out of reach to emerging artists. Pop Up Brighton celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2016, and the immense feat of helping over 2000 artists display their work.

Featured image by Matej

The event will provide some materials (pencils, chalks, paper) to artists, but they ask that you bring your own if possible. All abilities are welcome.

Pop Up Lab, 76-81 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2FN

Advance tickets are £5, £6 on the door.

You can help Pop Up Brighton keep curating bespoke pop up shows and giving new artists great opportunities by donating here.

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