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| November 16, 2018

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Enjoy Fashion and Feminism With The Equality Collection

Enjoy Fashion and Feminism With The Equality Collection
Holly Martin

Dawn O’Porter is a vintage clothing enthusiast, television presenter, author, and women’s rights activist. So it comes as no surprise that she has released her very own Equality Collection on her clothing website BOB by Dawn O’Porter.

The Equality Collection is the latest release on her website, and features four new clothing styles for the vintage loving but socially conscious female. Each item from the collection is inspired by a particularly era. Some of the items include ‘Love Wins’ leggings and shirt with an adorable Peter-Pan collar, and the Women Are Boss dress which has an 1980s inspired design.

Dawn O’Porter has said “Fashion and politics go hand in hand, the way women dressed throughout history changed the way they were able to live their lives. Anyone who denies that clothes are not powerful and a huge part of feminism is massively missing the point. Designers from previous decades created shapes and ideas that transformed what it meant to be female, and now I get to take those vintage styles and incorporate a modern sensibility. The Equality Collection prints are beautiful and funny, but they also carry a serious message. Our prints look fantastic, but they also have a lot to say”.

Bjournal absolutely adore The Equality Collection, and you can check out the items below. You can also follow BOB on Instagram.

Holly Martin

all images belong to BOB by Dawn O’Porter

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