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| November 14, 2018

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Fake ‘Designated Cannabis Zone’ Signs Appear Around Brighton

Fake ‘Designated Cannabis Zone’ Signs Appear Around Brighton
Jack Mitchell-Charman
The incident seems to have been an elaborate hoax.

A series of seemingly parodic signs have been found around Brighton.

The signs have been fooling several people into believing that Brighton and Hove contains cannabis free zones.

Several locations were said to have been demarcated as a “Designated Cannabis Zone”.

It is further claimed in the sign that “The possession of a small amount of cannabis for personal use has been decriminalized in this area”.

In 2011, The Guardian described Brighton as the “Drug death ‘capital’“, showing that the city is no stranger to the usage of drugs.

The council released this image of one of the signs

The council have spoken out about the signs, decrying them as fake.

A spokesman for the council stated that: “Many people are taking it seriously and the police are believed to be removing the signs.”

The confusion surely comes from the use of the council logo and the mimicry of the councils colour scheme.

A recent YouGov poll revealed a major shift in attitudes towards the usage of cannabis amongst the general public.

Cannabis is seen “as being less harmful than tobacco or alcohol”, being described as a ‘soft’ drug.

In fact, the “majority support liberalising policy towards cannabis”.

The poll showed that 43% support it, while 41% oppose it, with the rest unclear on their stance.

While these signs may be false, they may reflect the modern public sentiment.

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