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| December 10, 2018

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Five Winter Dates to Treat Your Lady

Five Winter Dates to Treat Your Lady
Kieran Cleeves

With the festive period almost upon us, temperatures will plummet as cosy nights in with a DVD begin to take over, with comfort overruling creativity.

The thought of stepping outside for the evening may be less appealing than a night cuddled up on the sofa, but I can assure you she won’t be complaining if she see’s you going that extra mile to make her smile.

Whether you’re taking a love interest on a date or maintaining the spark within your long term relationship, here are a few ideas of where to treat your lady this winter:

Ice Skating at the Royal Pavilion:

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink at Night

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink at Night. Image from here

Why not fall over and look stupid in front of each other at the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink? Open from 7th November until 17th January, you’ve got plenty of time to book a one hour skating session in front of the Pavilion’s beautiful backdrop. Okay, so neither of you may be experts in this field but it will supply you with fun and laughter, as you compete to stay on your feet the longest. At only £20 (off-peak) for the two of you, it’s an affordable option and a light-hearted activity that can either break the ice or keep things cool.

Night at Brighton Marina:

Brighton Marina looking colourful at night

Brighton Marina looking colourful at night. Image from here

If you’re looking for a place that has a bit of everything, Brighton Marina is perfect for you. Beautiful come the evening, the Marina boasts an array of stunning restaurants on the Boardwalk, providing plenty of choice in terms of desired cuisine. After your meal, why not head to Cineworld to watch one of the latest films? Or perhaps have a game of bowling across the road (With the barriers up of course)? If neither of these options take your fancy, have a flutter in the Rendezvous Casino where they often have live entertainment whilst you gamble. Overall, Brighton Marina has plenty of options to create an evening of your choice.

Komedia – Krater Comedy Club:

Komedia Club Located in the City's North Lanes

Komedia Club located in the city’s North Lanes. Image from here

You’ll be left with tears in your eyes…fortunately from laughter before you begin to worry. Take away everything serious about your date night, relax and enjoy a comedy show that will leave you laughing all the way home. You can enjoy a meal alongside watching a show, effectively killing two birds with one stone as you enjoy an evening of top class entertainment. This unique idea is great for those of you that suffer from first date nerves, softening the serious nature of such an evening and replacing it with a night of laughter that relaxes the mood.

Theatre Royal:

The Theatre Royal hosts regular shows

The Theatre Royal hosts regular shows Image from here

Forget about the dramas within your own life and watch a story unfold in front of you. Okay so it may not necessarily be your night of choice, but she’ll no doubt appreciate the thought behind it and who knows, you may even surprise yourself. With a number of theatre show’s on during the winter months, including ‘Hairspray the Musical’, ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ and ‘Annie’, this sophisticated option is an evening of entertainment, slightly outside the box.

Winter Wonderland:

Winter Wonderland is a popular festive choice

Winter Wonderland is a popular festive choice Image from here

Slightly further afield but totally worth it, Winter Wonderland has everything you could wish for to spark romance over the festive period. Set in Hyde Park, London’s spectacular Christmas destination is jam-packed with festive fun and beautiful surroundings, providing the perfect setting to enjoy a day in each other’s company and create memories that will last forever. Opening on 20th November until 3rd January, the attraction park is open 10am-10pm throughout the winter season, leaving you plenty of time to make a visit. Entry to the park is FREE, however you must pay for the attractions you wish to explore once inside. With a wide range of food options available and activities to keep you busy all day long, Winter Wonderland is a fantastic date option and will leave your lady smiling into Christmas.

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