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| November 13, 2018

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Free Event – Community Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Free Event – Community Solutions to the Housing Crisis
Peggy Bain
  • On February 21, 2018

If you’re interested in helping to create more affordable and community-led housing in Brighton and Hove, come along to the FREE launch of the Community-led Housing Programme, today from 5:30pm. It will take place in the Brighthelm Centre’s Auditorium and is supported by Brighton & Hove City Council. Registration for the event commences at 5.15pm.

Community-led housing is a way to produce more affordable and secure homes. It displaces the power of housing developers and puts it back into the hands of the community. It fights against the competitive housing market and exploitative, independent letting agencies. Community-led housing models include housing co-operatives, cohousing and self-build projects and place the residents themselves in charge, allowing them to lead or manage developments.

The Community-Led Housing Programme can offer support to get more community-led projects off the ground in Brighton and Hove. As well as financial support this includes connections with experts who can help advise and develop your plans. Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT) wants to put housing development back in the hands of the people who need it.

BHCLT argue that the drastic need for housing in Brighton, coupled with sky rocketing rents and house prices, has created a significant community problem. They contend that the commercial developers hold the power, and that their interest are at odds with those of the local people. Housing associations and the City Council’s housing development, set up to meet ever increasing needs for property, are limited by the government’s austerity measures and further constricted by legislation that makes it difficult to create affordable housing.

Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust envision housing projects that will meet the community’s demands by taking on local people’s views and engaging them directly in the developments. The organisation has been set up to assist community-led development and affordable housing in the city.

This event will include opportunities to:

* Find out more about what community-led housing is and why it could be a good option for you.
* Hear about exciting examples of community-led housing right here in Brighton and Hove.
* Meet other people who want to start their own housing projects.
* Find out more about grants of £1,000 up to £50,000 available to housing groups.
* Learn about how the Programme can connect you with experts, or how your expertise could be useful to a community-led housing group.
* Ask us questions, including advice on grant applications.
* Let us know what ideas you have for community-led housing in Brighton and Hove and what support you need to make them happen.

  • Vegetarian food will be provided at the start of the event (the organisation have requested they are notified of any additional dietary requirements).
  • Organisers also suggest that you get in touch if child care prevents you from attending the event, as they may be able to assist with costs.
  • It is also asked that paritcipants who need disability access notify the organisation beforehand. The venue is wheelchair accessible and has toilet facilities.

Wednesday 21st Feb – 5:15pm – 9:00pm

Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1YD

Find out more about the Community-Led Housing Programme, and what support is available at our website

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