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| November 14, 2018

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Cuddle in a Non-Sexual and fully Clothed Environment

Cuddle in a Non-Sexual and fully Clothed Environment
Helen Thatcher

Helen Thatcher is a Vital Development Dance Facilitator and Professional Cuddle Therapist. She’s created Holding for Healing; a technique, incorporating physical touch, cuddles and hugs. What and how and when is what we at Brighton Journal wanted to know when we contacted Helen earlier on this week.

What is it all about?  My work is about love and supporting others to reawaken their potential to love themselves and  love their life.  Many of us are feeling over-stressed or over-whelmed by our lifestyle demands, others didn’t receive the love and encouragement as a child to give them the self-confidence and self-belief to achieve their dreams.

holding for healing cuddle therapyHolding for Healing provides a much needed re-compensation for the lack of compassionate, loving interaction in many of our lives today.  Hugs, cuddles and human touch have a wonderful impact on our physical system. When we are engaged in touch, our brains produce more serotonin and oxytocin. Both of these chemicals make us calm and happy and contribute to an overall sense of well-being and relaxation that is pleasurable and healthy.

Why do you do it?  I saw a need.  My life has been a journey of self-discovery – searching for freedom and reclaiming a deep and solid sense of self-worth. Vital Development increased my capacity for creativity and authentic self expression, this was achieved in at atmosphere of loving connection and included exercises of touch, being held and re-parenting.  Not everyone likes to dance so I have distilled the essence to offer this method of healing to a wider audience.

What do people get out of it? People receive different benefits physical, emotional or spiritual.  A cuddle has the power to  lower blood pressure and strengthen our immune system. Clients reported feeling – happier, a deep sense of well-being, peaceful, centred, fulfilled, valued, great and delicious.

One person described his experience as  “Being held in her arms was deeply touching and profound. I felt like a child being held by his mother, a space of unconditional love and acceptance.”

For me, the magical impact of these sessions is that we feel totally held we can release the tension and trauma held in the body-mind, which automatically creates space for love to flow in.

Where do you come from? I was born is Sussex and have lived here most of my life. I own a flat in Hove with my husband, although we have rented it out in the past to go on adventures.

What drives you in life? As I write on my website  “I love to laugh, I love to dance, I love to feel good and I love to love. In addition, I am extremely skilled in creating a space where others can also find the joy and magic in life.”

What is it that you want to achieve? My ambition is to continue to live happily and fully in the moment, surrounded by fabulous and fun friends who uplift each other and always appreciate their gift and talents. In collaboration, with such conscious creative individuals, I wish to successfully share our messages of love and joy with as many people as possible.

How do you like to spend your free time?  I do love to visit the sea in all weathers, we are so lucky in Brighton as a walk along the beach provides so many opportunities for entertainment, impromptu meetings and breathing in the sea air.

What do you think is the most life changing change a person can make in order to make their lives better? I think the most important change a person can make in their life is to pledge a commitment to putting themselves first and taking responsibility for their life. It can sound a bit tough at times, but actually this is an act of great self love. We create our reality through our thoughts and feelings, it can be a challenge at first to believe we can change but with focus and persistence it becomes easier.  Making loving yourself and prioritising your needs, without blaming or judging others is the quick path to radical change.

Anything you would like to add? For anyone who would like to experience the work of Holding for Healing in a group setting I am running a workshop on 4th June with my friend and colleague Christine Harris.  This will be a wonderful and unique chance to relax, let go and receive the nourishing benefits of being held for yourself

Our main motivation for offering this workshop is to share the mutual benefits of being held of an extend period of time. We emphasis safety, self-responsibility in a non-sexual and fully clothed environment.

It will be in Hove 2-5pm Saturday 4th June  £30 for more details email me here.

or visit

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