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| November 22, 2018

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#BeMoreSnail: Giant Snails Unveiled in Brighton for Charity Martlets

#BeMoreSnail: Giant Snails Unveiled in Brighton for Charity Martlets
Jack Mitchell-Charman

A series of snail sculptures will be appearing throughout the city

Although a suitably surreal act within our eclectic Brighton, these snail sculptures will serve a wonderful cause beyond their visual beauty.

Sussex charity Martlets Hospice will benefit from the installation. Martlets are a company who fulfill the lives of the terminally ill.

There will be 50 snail sculptures, all of which are available for local businesses to sponsor. Each snail will be decorated by a different artist, giving them a distinct feel.

A diverse range of local businesses have pledged support. These so far include Brighton Marina, British Airways i360, Griffith Smith Farrington Webb LLP, Salt Rooms and Visit Brighton.

The snails form a so-called ‘Snailway’, which will encourage residents to traverse the city and experience its rich culture.

World renowned local DJ Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) unveiled the installation

To boost the prestige of the event, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) attended the unveiling.

The event took place at Theatre Royal in Brighton, and will be hoping to replicate the success of Martlets past installations.

One such previous movement was the Snowdogs by the Sea installation.

It will be hoped that Snailspace can match this success. Snowdogs raised a breathtaking £310,000 for Martlets, and over £10 million for the local economy.

Martlets CEO Imelda Glackin spoke on the significance of the snail imagery itself. She said that: “In this fast-paced city it’s often hard to remember to slow down and appreciate the things in life that make us smile”.

She also related the snail to the work of Martlets: “The snail also carries its home wherever it goes. It’s a comforting reminder that being home or feeling at home is incredibly important to the patients and families we help and support.”

Show your support for the noble cause of Martlets by experiencing these brilliant snails when they hit the city in Autumn!

To see more about the work of Martlets, or to support them, visit their site at:


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