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| January 16, 2019

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Gigs This Week: 11 – 17 December

Gigs This Week: 11 – 17 December
Andrew O'Connor

Monday 11 December

Mark Lanegan Band @ Concorde 2

★★★★ The Independent
“Lanegan deserves elevation to the front rank of rock artists and Phantom Radio may be the album to finally force that shift.”

★★★★ MOJO
“A brave inspired step into the unknown.”

★★★★ The Guardian
“A career highlight… The Superb ‘Floor Of The Ocean’ could be the Sisters Of Mercy covering Joy Division, while ‘Torn Red Heart’ might be the most beautiful love song Lanegan has ever recorded.”

Support from Duke Garwood.

Don’t Worry / Lightcliffe / Wild Cat Strike @ The Hope and Ruin (FREE)

A free night of alt rock headlined by Essex-based Don’t worry, who draw sonic inspiration from 90s alternative rock, modern punk/emo, and folk/americana, the band have developed a sound that is dynamic and cathartic; melancholic yet at times uplifting; controlled yet erratic and intense.

£0.00 FREE

Willy J. Healey @ The Green Door Store

At a time when the indie landscape seems weighed down by its own past, often dredging up the bones of past movements like psych, grunge, or shoegaze, Willie J Healey’s refreshing pop-inflected rock and roll seems curiously invigorating and subversive. The 22-year-old Oxford resident has cut an exciting path with his no-nonsense songwriting. His song-first approach to writing puts him somewhere in the nether-region between his heroes The Modern Lovers, Bruce Springsteen and Modest Mouse, but far from being an obvious pastiche or homage, Healey’s evolution over the last couple of years has seen him find a distinctly refreshing musical voice. With indie rock being an increasingly precarious lifestyle, Willie’s biggest challenge is to make something that will stick around. It’s why he’s conscious not to go along with any sonic trends, instead preferring that each of his songs can be fundamentally stripped to their rawest elements and still sound good on an acoustic guitar or a piano. It’s a back to basics song-first style of writing that’s gradually and deservedly connecting with a wider audience. For Willie the songwriting isn’t just a performance that he puts on to lead a certain life or project a certain image. It’s an active and relentless obsession that informs his life from the moment he wakes up: “I write every day. I wake up, I play guitar, I have breakfast, I come back, I play guitar and if I can’t think of anything I’ll watch a film… and then I’ll play guitar. And when i get something I’ll record it, and then I’ll go and I’ll try and write another song. I feel I’m addicted to writing like most writers probably are, and when I’m not writing I’m quite unhappy.” It’s Willie’s steadfast dedication to his craft that has left him free from any doubt that he’s on the right path. At a time when indie rock is in the doldrums and having an identity crisis, there’s something undeniably bold about Healey’s pan-atlantic rock and roll melange. It’s true to himself, constructed by himself, mostly for himself, but it’s a sound that speaks to many through the universal language of melody. Willie’s career is only just starting proper, and you can be sure that he’ll be fastidiously writing his way into the hearts and ears of many more fans yet, whether he intends to or not. Luckily for Willie, his ear for a brilliant pop hook often means his songs strung together with multiple brilliant hooks. He will have no trouble fishing in a much larger pond.

+ Fruity water
Green Door Store, Brighton
7:30pm | £7 | 18+


Tuesday 12 December

HipHop Open Mic @ Green Door Store (FREE)

Green Door’s last event hosted great acts from Brighton and beyond – so go get involved in round #2!

They’ll be open from 7pm for some impromotu acoustic or backing track sets. Bring your instruments, grab a beer and have a real nice time!

£free // 18+ // 7pm-10.30pm

Emma Ruth Rundle / Jayle Jayle / Fvnerals @ The Prince Albert

American singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle works her guitar gently around somber melodies that smell of earth, wood, and fire logs. Gothic folk invested in the power of nature, the sound of her previous bands Red Sparowes and Marriages is heard in her music but the softer, although lyrically preoccupied with overly gloomy themes, touch of her personal approach shines through on all of her three solo albums, the last of which, “Marked For Death” came out on Sargent House in 2016.  After a previous visit in April 2017, Emma is coming back to Europe for four weeks between November and December, accompanied by fellow Sargent House-recording artists Jaye Jayle (featuring Evan Patterson of Young Widows’ fame), who also double up as backing band for Emma. Similarly inclined to reach out for the dark corners of the acoustic crossroads where young bluesmen sold their soul to the devil, they represent the perfect complement to Emma Ruth Rundle death mournings, as evident in the split release “The Time Between Us” they shared in February 2017.


Wednesday 13 December

UB40 @The Brighton Centre

Featuring UB40’s five founding members Robin Campbell, Brian Travers, Jimmy Brown, Earl Falconer and Norman Hassan, and long-time members Duncan Campbell, Martin Meredith, Lawrence Parry and Tony Mullings. Robin Campbell said, “UB40 are very excited to be returning to some of the biggest venues in the UK during our ‘Cites and Towns’ tour in December 2017.” Fans can expect to hear UB40’s greatest hits, including ‘Food For Thought’, ‘One In Ten’, ‘Kingston Town’, ‘(I Can’t Help) Falling in Love With You’ and ‘Red, Red Wine’, amongst many, many others


Support from Maxi Jazz + The E-Type Boys

The Fiction Aisle @ The Hope & Ruin

The Fiction Aisle, who make music for the lobby bar of the grandest hotel of the jazz age, and who probably sneak roofies into the gin rickeys, list their influences as Noël Coward, Broadcast, Saint Etienne, The Divine Comedy, Scott Walker, Goldfrapp, The Clientele, Irving Berlin, and Nina Simone.

Chord Orchard is stoked to present our second annual Christmas DO at the lovely, the gorgeous The Hope & Ruin, surely Brighton’s best small venue. Right? Last year we brought you the delightful dark-pop of Fukushima Dolphin and some delicate beauty from Hattie Cooke. This time we’ve outdone ourselves. We are honoured to be joined this year byYounghusband, whose best songs seem to simultaneously evoke the wide prairie of vintage Malkmus and the claustrophobic chug of Deerhunter. Hailing from London, we are totally stoked to have them joining us. We are also mad excited to bring Rose Elinor Dougall to Brighton for only her second show here in recent years. Rose needs little introduction, but for those out of the loop, she has spent much of the past decade mining a singular seam of pop music – often melancholic, sometimes breezy, always effortlessly melodic and untouchably tasteful. Like Trish Keenan humming the C86 cassette to herself. Opening up, Mr. Alex White – long-time Electric Soft Parade frontman, Brakes drummer and all-round good egg. He barely needs introducing, but for those who weren’t at his debut solo show last month, expect heart-wrenching sea shanties, yearning Irish folk ballads and the odd Todd Rundgren belter thrown in just ‘cos he can. 

We named The Fiction Aisle as one of our upcoming bands of 2016, so it’s nice to see them headlining exciting shows!

Doors 7.45pm, first band 8pm
£8 adv.

Support from – Young Husband, Rose Elinor Dougall, Alex White

Sweat Box Christmas Special @ Green Door Store

You’ll get plenty of bands for your buck at this event which features Atlas Wynd, Thieves By Code, Feral Youth, El Moono, King Smo, and Ditz.

Doors Open: 6:45 PM

Starts: 11:00 PM

£5 adv


Thursday 14 December

Roland Gift of Fine Young Cannibals @ Concorde 2

Roland Gift, one of modern music’s true torchbearers and the charismatic front man of the Fine Young Cannibals, is back in the pop arena with his new solo album, the self-titled Roland Gift.

14+ (U16’s must be accompanied)
Doors: 19.30

Loyal @ The Haunt

LOYAL is a band, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps that’s the key. A Brighton-based collective whose ranks are occasionally swollen by a whole host of auxiliary members – including a five piece choir – to try and understand exactly what it is would be to miss the point. To listen to LOYAL is to enter a movie theatre halfway through the greatest film you never saw only to be instantly gripped and confounded at the same time.

£7 adv

Doors: 19:00

E.D Fowler Band / Supermarket / Exploder / Paul Murray @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

The E.D. Fowler Band are a Brighton based trio performing ‘Anxiety Pop’. Each member arriving from varying musical backgrounds, the band formed at the beginning of 2016 and signed to Swear Down Records in May 2017. The music is inspired by numerous sub-genres of pop and rock whilst the lyrics present reflections on identity & anxiety. The result is a rhythmically and melodically upbeat style used as a vessel for heavier themes.




Friday 15 December

Tarot Rats @ Green Door Store

Kent based Tarot Rats are heading out on a tour of the South-East coast with a special stop in Brighton at the Green Door Store. With their unique take on blues-rock and offering an eclectic mix of full-on, over-driven riffs combined with stripped back, soulful acoustic melodies. Drawing from a spectrum of influences which include Led Zepp, Sabbath, the Beatles, David Bowie, Guns n’Roses and many, many more, Tarot Rats provide a colourful mosaic of musical variety.

Featuring AT THE SUN and The Dead Reds



Abattoir Blues @ The Haunt

“They are the only real boy band in Brighton. The only gang of football hooligans with hearts of gold. The only lads to succefully straddle chorusey post punk and anthemic post hardcore and authentic primal pain. They make us feel like somethings going to happen, pushing us to the edge of our seat. They make us angry in the way that is good. They make us want to smash things like tinnies or, I don’t know, maybe even capitalism” Fat Dog Party



Dr Razzu / Asbo Derek @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Dr Razzu are an independent three-piece band from Brighton UK. Formed in 2008, the band’s sound reveals influences from 60’s pop, grunge, punk and folk. 



Tracey Bryant (Corners) @ The Hope & Ruin

As a one of a kind solo artist, is speaking out as an outstanding singer/songwriter who isn’t afraid to dig below the surface. With his work he is filling the gap between lush pop-arrangements and a genuine, distinctive sound. One not hard to enter, but no way to just pass by. While Tracy Bryant’s music may call out as a memento from the lonely highway, we can’t help but wish to join him on his journey. As the frontman and founder of post-punk experimentalists Corners, he recorded the group’s first album, Beyond Way, in his Echo Park apartment in 2012 with just a four-track tape recorder. While the follow-up LP, Maxed out on Distractions, was very much a group effort, Bryant has continued to cultivate the haunted, solitary sounds that permeate through Beyond Way on his own. Corners toured the U.S. and Europe extensively before Bryant decided to end the band in early 2016 to fully focus on his solo endeavours. With an all-star new band line up consisting of Nick Murray (Thee Oh Sees / White Fence) on drums, Brian Allen (Burnt Ones) on bass and Miles Luttrel (Useless Eaters) on second guitar, the group will be on the road touring the west coast up to Vancouver Island, Canada to play Otalith Festival as direct support for Twin Peaks and Kevin Morby.


Saturday 16 December

The Nutcrakcer Suite & The Snowman w/ Live Orchestra @ Brighton Dome

Two seasonal favourites come together in this special Christmas event. The story of The Nutcracker is brought to life with a special narration read by CBeebies own Pui Fan Lee, accompanied by beautiful, newly created illustrations. This is followed by the magical film The Snowman, screened with a live performance of ‘Walking in the Air’, the soundtrack to every child’s Christmas. Both pieces are accompanied throughout by the Southbank Sinfonia (conducted by Ben Palmer). The perfect way to begin your celebrations.


Spratelys Japs Wonderful Winter Wonderland Tour @ Green Door Store

SPRATLEYS JAPS return to The Green Door Store this winter for an epic night of delights. The third show of their Wonderful Winter Wonderland Tour 2017. Attendees will be joined joined by Kavus Torabi, Stephen Evens Band , Hurtling and Ham Legion As Vegetable Men. More treats to be announced SOON.


Jools Holland @The Brighton Centre

Musical virtuoso Jools Holland and his well-renowned Rhythm & Blues Orchestra have Announced dates and special guests for their upcoming 2017 Autumn/Winter UK tour. Now in its 22nd year, these legendary shows are not to be missed. Joining Jools on stage for the tour will be Grammy Award winner José Feliciano, one of the most prominent stars in Latin America and revered musicians in the world. Having worked with the likes of John Lennon and Joni Mitchell in the past, his catalogue of international hits include his covers of The Doors’ “Light My Fire” and the Bee Gees’ “And the Sun Will Shine,” along with the much-loved Christmas classic, “Feliz Navidad”. Jools and José will also be recording an album together with the Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, which is scheduled to be released on 27th October. With his mix of Latin and pop styles and his inimitable guitar playing, it’s no question that José will go down a storm on stage.

Jools Holland says of José Feliciano: ‘A man whose voice and guitar I’ve idolised all my life. A unique innovator whom I am immensely looking forward to working with’.

José Feliciano to Jools Holland: ‘My gosh! Jools Holland is an icon who’s played a major role in the life of contemporary music throughout the United Kingdom and way beyond. He continues to do so and for that I admire him greatly. Don’t ever deny us of your magic, Jools; it’s an honour to be working (playing!) with you.’

Also featuring in the shows will be fan favourites Ruby Turner, Louise Marshall and Beth Rowley on vocals, along with the supreme Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with original Squeeze member Gilson Lavis on drums.

Master of ceremonies for the shows, Jools, will be performing tracks spanning his entire solo career along with pieces taken from his recent instrumental album Piano, released in December 2016, as well as songs from his new collaboration with José Feliciano. With a huge collection of boogie-woogie tracks from multiple decades, a night at one of the UK’s most popular tours is for sure a memorable one!

New Candys / Is Bliss / Special Guests @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

New Candys formed in Venice (Italy) in 2008, consisting of Fernando Nuti (vocals, guitar, sitar), Diego Menegaldo (guitar, vocals), Stefano Bidoggia (bass) and Dario Lucchesi (drums, percussion). Their influences have roots in The Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett. After a self-produced EP, in 2012 they released the album “Stars Reach The Abyss” on Foolica, a UK tour followed. In 2015 they took part in “The Reverb Conspiracy”, compilation curated by Fuzz Club/The Reverberation Appreciation Society (Levitation Austin). Later that year “New Candys As Medicine”, album mixed by John Wills (producer and drummer of Loop), has been released on both Picture In My Ear/Fuzz Club and added to The Committee To Keep Music Evil catalogue, receiving praises from Simone Marie Butler of Primal Scream and Stephen Lawrie of The Telescopes. Three EU/UK tours followed, including festivals like The Secret Garden Party 2015 and Liverpoool Psych Fest 2016. They shared the stage with The Warlocks, Dead Skeletons, Crystal Stilts, Slowdive, Savages, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Vaccines among others. Their new album “Bleeding Magenta” has been released October 6th 2017 on Fuzz Club.

“Fuzz-drenched dark moody pop.”
Clash Magazine, 2016

“Psychedelic power trip that demands your attention from its opening bars.”
Drowned In Sound, 2015

“Sounding like a mix of Tame Impala and Temples if they were to cross over to the dark side.”
Orange Amplification, 2015

“Indie combo with a vintage British flavour and a knack for atmospheric psych-y confections.”
Metro, 2015




Sunday 17 December

Robb Johnson / John Forrester / Arvin Johnson @ The Prince Albert

“The real deal when it comes to songwriting” – Mike Harding, BBC Radio2

“An English original” – Robin Denselow, The Guardian

“One of this country’s most important songwriters (no argument!) … a powerfully literate emotional sensitivity at work … this is one real essential purchase” (fRoots)

“There is no songwriter to compare with Robb Johnson operating in the UK” – R2

“One of the best” – Maverick



Daniel O’Donnell @ The Brighton Centre

The seven dates will form The Back Home Again Tour, where Daniel will delight his audiences once more.  This tour takes in only seven select dates, starting in Glasgow and culminating with a show in Brighton. Daniel made musical history and proved himself to be one of Ireland’s most hardworking singers, by releasing an album every year since 1988. This is something which remains unmatched even with music’s most longstanding stars like The Rolling Stones, Madonna and Michael Jackson. Daniel will have a tough time choosing which of his hits to play from his back-catalogue of 35 albums.



Bad Manners @ Concorde 2

n the 1980s Bad Manners spent an impressive 111 weeks in the UK charts and had many appearances on Top of The Pops, which they were later band from after manic exploits from Buster. The bands more notable tracks include Special Brew, Lip Up Fatty and My Girl Lollipop.

In 1987 Bad Manners went their separate ways but with a third wave of the Ska scene in the late 90s, Bad Manners reformed and have been touring each year with a solid line-up of incredible musicians.



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