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| May 24, 2019

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Gomi, the Brighton-based start up making speakers from single-use plastic

Gomi, the Brighton-based start up making speakers from single-use plastic
Lorraine Bigi

Tom Meades is the co-founder of Gomi, a Brighton-based start up that is using flexible plastic to create sustainable portable speakers.

The idea was born in July 2017 and was launched on Kickstarter in February 2019, after winning £10,000 from Environment Now Programme to launch the project.

We asked Tom Meades how he came up with this concept:

I studied 3D design and Craft at university, where I had the opportunity to analyse waste streams and develop an interest in designing with irregular materials. I really wanted to design something that proved that waste could be upcycled into something desirable. So I started developing my idea after university and worked in Amsterdam for a while. I’ve also been running sustainable design workshops at Makerversity and for various charities, such as The Prince Trust, around the UK.

The speakers are made from flexible plastic, which is common for not being recycled by UK councils. By using it to create tech products, the start up is diverting 1 kg of plastic waste going to landfill for every speaker made.

This type of non-recyclable plastic includes items such as carrier bags and bubble wrap, which the company sources from local food businesses and residents, but also from beach clean-ups.

Once collected, the plastic is then melted and compressed into long-lasting tech products. All the products are handmade and they will employ local labour.

To promote circular economy, customers will be encouraged to make use of the free repair service available, and once the products can no longer be used, they will be recycled into new ones.

“We want to design products that are 100% zero waste, completely upcyclable and easy to repair. We’re hoping that collaborations with other companies/makers/startups will help us make real change to the products that we use and buy today,” says Tom.

Pawan Saunya (People & Marketing) and Rishi Gupta (Finance & Operations) are helping Tom with this project. You can support them by donating to their Kickstarter page.

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