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Brighton Journal | 2nd April 2020

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Grassroots Politics to be Celebrated as The World Transformed 2017 Comes to Brighton!

Grassroots Politics to be Celebrated as The World Transformed 2017 Comes to Brighton!
Hannah Midgley

Brighton is set to engage in a four day festival of politics, art, and parties this weekend that seeks to offer a rallying point for all of those dissatisfied with Britain’s current trajectory.

The World Transformed (TWT) is heading to Brighton. Nine venues across town will be host to over 160 hours of debate, art, music, parties, and plays.

In nightclubs, churches, community halls, and universities, TWT aims to bring together MPs, activists, campaigners, veterans, musicians and artists to discuss the future of Britain and the world and how we can all participate in making tomorrow better for everybody.

On the back of the unlikely rise of Jeremy Corbyn and the wave of political interest and renewal that came with him, members of the Labour Party were offered an alternative vision of the way forward.

With a new kind of politics on the agenda, and a rallying point for previously disparate political activists, a progressive political movement in emerging beyond the walled gardens and gilded halls of the Westminster bubble.

As the political class in Britain debate away hospitals, schools, pensions, and other public services, TWT aims to offer an alternative sphere of discourse that can aid in the mobilisation of a grass roots oppositional force to combat what many see as tyranny by the back door, forcing changes upon a nation that are framed as unavoidable yet that are deliberately pursued against a wave of public opinion that decries and denounces acts of national self-harm.

via: Garry Knight (flickr)

via: Garry Knight (flickr)

At the 2016 Labour Party Conference in Liverpool last year, over 5000 people engaged with events, campaigns and networks organised by TWT which debated issues from brexit to education, and from health to climate change. The success of last years event urged organisers of start work on another festival which would continue in the pursuit of progressive causes and yet again bring together a broad spectrum of voices with the common aim of planning for a better world.

“There’s a better future to build, and it’s going to take every single one of us”

At The World Transformed in Brighton, starting this weekend, the event has doubled it’s venue capacity and is going to host over 200 hours of sessions aimed at increasing community power and developing a coherent and compelling argument for combating climate change and building a more sustainable world, combating escalating inequality and redistributing wealth and access to opportunity, pushing back against far-right movements, isolationist politics, and the systematic dismantling of the NHS.

via: Labour Youth (flickr)

via: Labour Youth (flickr)

Among the prominent speakers at events are David Harvey best selling author and renowned marxist political theories, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP, activist, author and Guardian journalist Paul Mason, director of the centre for labour and social studies (CLASS) Fazia Shaheen, and activist, award winning film maker and director of ‘I, Daniel Blake’, Ken Loach, as well as the previously mentioned event hosted by quizmaster and all round nice guy Ed Miliband at Komedia.

TWT 2017 will be taking place right across the city at venues including the Synergy Centre, 68 Middle Street, Community Base, Friends Meeting House, PLATF9RM, Fabrica, Brighthelm Centre, Komedia, and Brighton University’s Sallis Benny Theatre.

The events are running from Saturday the 23rd of September to Tuesday the 26th with tickets ranging in price from £0 to £30 depending on your ability to pay


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