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| January 17, 2019

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Five Great Walks in and Around Brighton & Hove

Five Great Walks in and Around Brighton & Hove
Elisa Bardoni

With days getting longer and weather (slightly) better, a good walk is a nice pastime for the weekends; we put together five different walk tours either in Brighton or in the surroundings, from nature and landscapes to the city’s streets, to fit everyone’s tastes!

From Skanky to Swanky – The North Laine Walk

The North Laine is a must-see for every Brighton tourist; from an industrial area to a vibrant and alternative cultural and artistic centre, the history of the most famous street in Brighton will be explained to you by Lyn Neville, qualified South East Blue Badge Tourist Guide specialising in Brighton and south-east England from She will show you shop and streets that only Brightonians know, together with the most famous venues.

For information visit: Brighton walks

Juhan Sonin

Brighton Chocolate Treats Tour

A must for every chocolate lover, this walking tour will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth! With hot chocolate, tastings, and VIP shopping discount, the Brighton Chocolate Treats Tour will bring you in a tasteful journey through cakes, truffles, gelato, macarons and much more.

Provided by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, you can find information here: Chocolate ecstasy tours


Kreepy Kemptown Ghost Walk

Brighton is not only a colourful city with a lively and buzzing lifestyle, but it also hides mysterious facts and ghosts stories. Actor and paranormal investigator Adrian J Andrews will take you on a guided tour in Kemptown between murders, manslaughters and sudden unexplained deaths.

For information visit: Kreepy Kemp Town ghostwalks

Quadrophenia Walk

This walking tour is as well provided by you will discover everything about the Mods, rebellious teenagers from the fascinating ’60, and the famous ‘Battle of Brighton’. Lyn will guide you to several important spots that appeared in the ‘Quadrophenia’ movie.

For information visit:


Brighton Wanderlust

Last but not least, Brighton and its surroundings have a wonderful range of landscapes and beautiful relaxing natural spots. Walking-lover Liz Hegarty, who has lived in Brighton for almost 40 years, organises the walking tours upon her discoveries during her own walking; she enjoys meeting people with the same passion and has worked with tourists from all over the world. Brighton Wanderlust provides a wide range of tours, from the Brighton-based ones, such as Marina and Preston Park, to the countryside walks, such as Sheepcote Valley and the Undercliff Walk.

For information visit: Brighton Wanderlust

Text by: Elisa Bardoni

Featured image by Ed Schipul

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