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| December 11, 2018

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Green Giant: what should we expect from our wind farms?

Green Giant: what should we expect from our wind farms?
Andrew O'Connor

Local ethical bottled water brand Life Water have branched into documentary content with Life Water TV, a new video content channel which aims to inspire and educate through unique and engaging short stories.

A new two and a half minute documentary, ‘Green Giant: what should we expect from our wind farms?, delves into the construction of the Rampion offshore wind farm. In an investigative style, ‘Green Giant’ reveals the facts behind the wind farm and the unexpected ramifications of the project.

The Rampion wind farm lies 8 miles off the South coast of England, and is clearly visible from Brighton beach. As a local, environmental business, Life Water TV set out to find out more about how the green energy produced by the wind farm will end up in homes in Sussex.

When they started investigating the project, they uncovered details that they felt should be shared with local residents. The opinions of local people feature throughout the video.

The video explains how much ‘green’ energy the wind farm will generate and bring to Sussex, before detailing the construction process and depicting the impact it has had on the local landscape. It then touches on the government subsidy system that has made the project possible, in which taxpayer money has been used as an incentive for energy companies to invest in renewables.

By uncovering details about the Rampion project, ‘Green Giant’ raises questions about how we are managing green energy in the UK and whether energy giants such as E.on are working in our best interest.

via: howzey (flickr)

via: howzey (flickr)

We spoke to the creative minds behind this project about what they were trying to do and how they went about doing it. Louis from Life Water explained that, for renewable projects such as these to be as effective as possible and to gather momentum within public discourse and public consciousness, thorough and informed critiques need to be posited and addressed to ensure that our collective environmental interests are being respected, and that ecological claims are founded.

“We set out to find out more about Rampion and we felt that what we found needed to be shared.” 

“We are very supportive of wind farms including Rampion, but it doesn’t mean that the current system is above criticism.”

The team responsible for delivering this project found that throughout the process of shooting the piece, new angles seemed to emerge organically.

“After a boat trip out to the wind farm, we wanted to depict the amazing process of wind to electricity. In doing so we followed the cabling from source to substation and along the way the video evolved as we uncovered unexpected details.”

For the team, the main point of making this documentary film was to facilitate a discourse around renewable energy, not in a bifurcated debate that seeks to polarise discussion, but in a way that is aware of nuance and that is clearly framed within terms of ecological efficacy, and pragmatic economic efficiency.

“Life Water TV aims to find and portray real stories that share a need to challenge, educate and inspire. This mini documentary – like the ones to follow –  aims to garner discussion.”

The video is the first release from Life Water TV, a new video channel that aims to highlight unique and untold stories.

You can watch ‘Green Giant’ by following the link here, or by visiting the Life Water TV YouTube channel.

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