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| January 20, 2019

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The Greys new owner has been announced…and they’re independent!

The Greys new owner has been announced…and they’re independent!
Georgia Kolakowski

After a near-miss attempt by Southover locals The Greys has been taken over by independent pub owners from Northampton. The incredibly successful ‘Lamplighter’ was saved up north when it faced very similar problems to the local Greys. The Greys was listed by the council as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) and has a proud history of staging international music, bringing acts from all over the world. By opening the pub up as an ACV it meant that local residents had six months to save the pub. They fell short at the last hurdle but thankfully the pub has bought out by independent owners. The new owner Paul Hanna seemingly has a real passion about pubs and keeping them within the communities they serve.

The purchase and handover was completed yesterday (18th April) and gives them 20 days plus a two week extension to replenish the supplies and give it a spruce up. Friends of the Greys, the project that aimed to seek community funding, said on their website that the brothers who are in the process of “ buying The Greys, have expressed their interest in sitting with Friends of The Greys to help achieve a sustainable vibrant pub that will be there for many years to come”.

The pub came tantalisingly close to closing when the owners Ei group put it on the market last year. Over the last ten or so year the very popular local pub saw multiple changes in management and Ei, decided that the pub no longer fitted with their corporate business model. The initial idea from Friends of The Greys was to “reinvent The Greys as a social enterprise owned and run by the residents of Hanover and the wider public of Brighton and beyond. We aim to additionally provide a daytime resource for community groups, offering space for creativity, learning, support and wellbeing initiatives run by, and for, residents”.

The planned opening date is 27th April so keep an eye out on social media and our page to hear more!

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