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| April 19, 2019

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“The Brighton music scene is on its knees and has become a laughing stock.”

“The Brighton music scene is on its knees and has become a laughing stock.”
Hannah Midgley

White Canvas – a ‘modern day Brit-pop’ band recently stated that “Brighton has the WORST music scene in the UK”. They claimed that “the Brighton music scene is dead” due to ‘too many bands and not enough demand’.

In the article, which is available here they suggest that Brighton “does not have the audience for live music, or the infrastructure to support it”. They argue that since the closure of Sticky Mikes Frog Bar, which sadly shut its doors a few weeks ago, there are very few “good quality live music venues.”

“The Brighton music scene is on its knees and has become a laughing stock.” (White Canvas)

White Canvas call for “all musicians, bands, promoters, venues, and anyone involved with music in Brighton to make a change.”

But is Brighton’s music scene really as desolate as they are making out? With Brighton holding Concorde 2, which has hosted fantastic nights for 25 years, The Hope and Ruin, which is renowned for intimate gigs and many more well-loved venues, we found this somewhat hard to believe.

The Brighton Journal found out what residents had to say about the matter:

Agree and disagree. Agree that music here can be pretty narrow-minded at times, but disagree that it produces bad musicians. I’d say the problem here is too much choice rather than not enough. Navigating through the piles of music available is the issue, not the music itself.” (Natalie Brown – Facebook)

I don’t think this article is saying that Brighton doesn’t produce its fair share of successful artists because it does and many have been mentioned. But for the size of the city the live music scene is very poor.” ( Andy Hill – Facebook )

Compared to ten years ago it’s certainly gone down but there’s still some good stuff happening. Unfortunately, we’ve lost half our true clubs and live music venues which have had a massive impact.” ( Matt Durstan Tilke – Facebook)

“Per capita, Brighton certainly punches above it’s weight. It’s worth bearing in mind that many other famous music cities are much larger than Brighton. Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester all double, London 40x the size of Brighton if you take the metropolitan area.” (James Thor – Facebook)

We are lacking venues with permission for live music into the late hours, communal spaces for art to develop.” (Deni Suki – Facebook)

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If you are struggling to find good gigs on in Brighton, we do a weekly feature called ‘Gigs of the week’, the most recent one is available here.

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