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Brighton Journal | 13th December 2019

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Winter Is Coming! – It Is The Hour Of Fabulous Coats!

Winter Is Coming! – It Is The Hour Of Fabulous Coats!
Hannah Midgley

Wondering what magical pieces of fabric people in Brighton are rapping up in this winter?


Laura, 20, is studying fashion design in Brighton, she’s in her second year, only got two more to go! I asked Laura if she was enjoying her course “they encourage us to be as out there as possible”, she explained that she’d recently been assigned a project that wasn’t as fun and creative though, but that she’d just completed it so YAY!

Laura got her £30 fur-tastic coat from our adored Dirty Harry’s in the north lane, her £5 “little granny two piece” came from a charity shop, she’s also wearing Office trainers and some big hoop earrings she got off Ebay “tackiest things ever, but yeah!”

img_5600Andy, 20, is in the same course as Laura! He got his lovely long navy coat from a charity shop for about £5 “if that!”and his cute brooch is from a Mary Benson show. I asked Andy what message he’d have “Keep warm for the winter! It got SO cold all of a sudden!”

img_5594Ella, 18 is a Brightonian, now going to the city college doing an art foundation course. She got her phenomenal leopard print over-sized coat from a market for just £10 which just happens to be the same price of her scarf that she got from Zara! She bagged her funky trousers from the same market she got her coat and her shoes are DM’s. “I love Brighton for shopping.”

img_5628Emily, 21 is studying psychology at the University of Sussex and is living in Brighton! “I love it! I’m in my final year now so I’ve been here for a few years. I love the atmosphere here, the shops, the lanes, the pier, the beach, it’s all great! What’s not to love about Brighton!” Emily is wearing a really sweet Dorothy Perkins coat that she says she’s owned since she was 16. I asked her what message she thought she was putting across through the way she dressed “I’m a student and can’t afford clothes at the moment Hahahaha.” A VERY RELATABLE MESSAGE EMILY! Jokes a side she added “practicality!”

img_5635Sofie, 25, is from Northern Denmark, she arrived in our groovy city to visit Emily! Her snazzy dark olive green coat is from Topshop!”I like this coat, that it’s long and warm!” I asked her how much she’d spent on it, she looked desperately to her friends for answers and we had a little giggle:) No pressure if you don’t remember! Her scarf is a Danish brand, Moss Copenhagen.

img_5636Lucy, 21, from Wakefield, also visiting Emily “Brighton’s really cool, lots to see, lots to do. We went to the lanes and it’s really alternative!” Lucy got her pretty black and grey coat from River Island for around £70! Her colourful checked scarf is from “somewhere random” Hahaha

img_5581-1Francesca, 35 is wearing this amazing, oversized off-white coat from New Zealand which her Nana had bought in the 70s and handed down to her when she planned to go off and spend the winter in Chicago “it was freezing cold, she gave me this coat and it saved my life through a blizzard!” Her gorgeous skirt is from our very own Topshop!

img_5588Helen is 17 (I could not believe it!), she works for a modelling company in her home country, Norway. She got her coat £89 and scarf together from Zara at Churchill Square, she’s a self proclaimed Zara fan “they have really nice stuff!” The bag is a Norwegian brand.


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