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| December 13, 2018

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Hove Rail Passengers Paid Less Compensation Than Brighton Travellers

Hove Rail Passengers Paid Less Compensation Than Brighton Travellers
Jack Mitchell-Charman

It has been a disastrous couple of months for rail companies and passengers in the South. Timetable changes in London in May led to the cancellation and delaying of several services. This widespread issue heavily affected Brighton and Hove.

The two stations are in close proximity to one another, with a journey time of around 5 minutes between the two with single tickets coming to just £2.70 without a railcard.

Despite this short distance, it has been revealed that Brighton travellers are receiving more in compensation for the rail catastrophe.

The Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle, raised the issue at a House of Commons debate, making a case for fair compensation.

Kyle asked Transport Minister Jo Johnson why their was a disparity: “They are one stop apart, they pay exactly the same for their tickets and their season tickets and they leave from the same city, so does the minister not think passengers leaving from Hove station are entitled to the higher level of compensation, which would fit what they pay for the service?”

Johnson explained the government’s approach to the compensation: “Category 1 passengers are those with a very heavy dependence on Thameslink or Great Northern services from their station. Passengers with a lesser dependence on those operators receive a lower level of compensation.”

He went on to explain the types of compensation available: “Annual, monthly and weekly season ticket holders will all be eligible for up to one month, or four weeks, of the cost of their ticket. That is in addition to the standard ‘delay repay’ compensation GTR passengers are entitled to after any 15-minute delay.”

Hove passengers currently fall under category 2, despite the proximity to Brighton. It seems that this apparent injustice to passengers will not be amended.

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