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| November 16, 2018

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How Do You Look and How Are You seen?

How Do You Look and How Are You seen?
Gudni Gunnarsson

You look the way you look. You reveal your perspectives and your self image as you express yourself. But who’s doing the looking? Who’s looking out from the inside? The energy emitting from you is a reflection of your inner attitudes or perspectives; it is the transmitted frequency of your being.

What kind of view are we speaking of? Where are we viewing from? There are two possibilities: from the unity of heart with love and generosity or from the duality of mind clouded with doubt and fear. Are we looking out from the heart when we look good? Our appearance is based on how we feel inside, whether it is love or rejection.

Where does the beauty reside that we witness in other people? “She was radiant.” “He positively glowed.” “She shined tonight.” “He had a glimmer in his eye.” We understand these remarks have nothing to do with someone’s skin, their noses, lips, arms, or anything physical because deep down we sense all human beings have an inner light that shines, glows, and radiates. We know that the body is solely the surface, and what resides inside is a force as strong as the sun, as sacred as a god. This glory is within our power when we awaken to awareness and become conscious and responsible.

Do the optimist and the pessimist have a different view of things? Do we fully understand what “optimism” and “pessimism” mean? Does it matter whether your gaze is downward, minimising and constraining your horizon, or upward, maximising your outlook?

By changing our perspectives, we change our world; this is the miracle. Our view of the world and everything in it is only a reflection of our own belief systems, and what we see is what we get. When we choose to see beauty and love, love and beauty expand. When we choose to see lack and scarcity, fear and despair prevail. When awakened, we know that what we devote our awareness to expands. We also know that the way we choose to see things only serves to prove ourselves right, whether we argue for our limitations or endorse our glory.

Not only do we see the world differently, but also others see us differently. For example, a few years ago, I ran two workshops on successive weekends. The first was a general workshop called “Fully Alive Coaching,” and the following weekend I held a GloMotion instructor’s workshop for those who wanted to start teaching my material. During the second weekend, I stood in the lunch-break line and chatted to a woman taking part. In front of us was a man who was in the workshop, and she introduced herself to him.

“Yes, hello,” said the man. “Actually, we met last weekend.”

The woman thought for a moment and then remembered the man. “But you look totally different,” she said.

“Yes, thank you,” said the man. “I just feel so much better after the course last weekend, and now I feel inspired to continue to learn.”
We are all aware of this type of radiance. But where does radiance originate? Some say it is brightest in the eyes, and as the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Really it is an expression of the whole being. It is the source, or cosmic soul, that is issuing the light. And when the heart has the freedom to beat without hindrance in the ebb and flow of all existence, the soul can fully be expressed.

Featured imaga by Heath Cajandig


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