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Brighton Journal | August 23, 2019

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How to Host an Event to Remember

How to Host an Event to Remember
Elin Arnar

Have you been put in charge of hosting an event? Well, if it’s not something you’ve done before, you may well be feeling a little daunted. The good news is that there is lots of material about planning events available online, so you can feel confident you’re covering all the basics and doing everything properly! However, to really make sure your event is remembered – for all the right reasons – you should read the advice below…

Book an incredible venue

The venue you book will largely be determined by the kind of event you’re holding. For instance, a major awards ceremony will need ample space to hold all your guests, whereas an office party or birthday bash will require something quite different. But, whatever the case, the same principle applies… if you really want people to remember your event, they need to bowled over by your venue!

Consider hiring a beautiful old building if you want your event to ooze class and sophistication, or think about finding somewhere with swanky floor-to-ceiling glass rooms if glamour and modernity are more of what you have in mind.

Practical considerations like capacity, furniture and space are all important, but even small details, such as posh bathrooms and a well-cared for cloakroom, will really help to create a long-lasting good impression in the minds of your guests.

Just make sure your venue is easy to get to, and that there are plenty of taxis waiting outside for your guests to pile into at the end of the night.

Splash out on food and alcohol

Another way to ensure that people remember your event for all the right reasons is to provide them with plenty of delicious food and tasty alcohol. Food and drink is a central part of a night out for many people, which is why a dry chicken breast or a bad bottle of wine can really lower the tone of your event… regardless of how much effort you’ve put into nailing the other aspects of the night!

So, splash out on mouth-watering dishes, and consider splurging on a free bar too (or at least some free drinks on arrival and with dinner) if you want your guests to feel that they’re worth spoiling!

Spend on great music

Think back to some of the best events you’ve been to: were you bopping away on the dance floor or feeling the chill of goosebumps on the back of your neck while listening to an incredible singer or live musician? Well, those are experiences you should try to recreate if you want people to remember you event.

Book a great DJ to get everyone dancing, or think about hiring a live band to keep energy levels high. Opt for a music genre that fits your event-type and theme, and be sure to request a playlist that’s upbeat and happy if you want your guests to come away feeling great. Slow, sad songs are not going to make for a memorable night!

Hire a surprise VIP guest

Finally, why not get people talking about your event by inviting a surprise guest to attend!? Nothing will get tongues wagging so much as having a celebrity such as Claudia Winkleman or David Walliams appear through the doors once your guests are seated, and you’re bound to find photos of your event all over social media as your guests mingle with the stars!

You can book VIP guests through Speakers Corner, so just browse the individuals listed on the site to see who might draw the biggest gasps of delight from your guests. Your event is all anyone will be talking about!

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